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Oct 31 2016

Why Comey Stopped Shielding Hillary

Since the Hillary/Weiner email revelation, the liberal media establishment has been on its former hero James Comey like a school of piranhas. A strikingly unreasonable WaPo editorial shrieks that Comey knuckled under to Republican “bullies” despite Hillary’s obvious innocence of wrongdoing. According to Ed Klein, it’s true that Comey responded to pressure to stop shielding Shrillary; however, the pressure came not from congressional Republicans but from FBI agents who still believe in the rule of law, from his wife, and presumably from his own conscience:

Comey’s decision to revive the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server and her handling of classified material came after he could no longer resist mounting pressure by mutinous agents in the FBI, including some of his top deputies, according to a source close to the embattled FBI director.

‘The atmosphere at the FBI has been toxic ever since Jim announced last July that he wouldn’t recommend an indictment against Hillary,’ said the source, a close friend who has known Comey for nearly two decades, shares family outings with him, and accompanies him to Catholic mass every week.

‘Some people, including department heads, stopped talking to Jim, and even ignored his greetings when they passed him in the hall,’ said the source. ‘They felt that he betrayed them and brought disgrace on the bureau by letting Hillary off with a slap on the wrist.’

Principled employees have been resigning in disgust at Comey’s willingness to submit to politicization of the agency.

‘He’s been ignoring the resignation letters in the hope that he could find a way of remedying the situation,’ said the source.

‘When new emails that appeared to be related to Hillary’s personal email server turned up in a computer used [by her close aide] Huma Abedin and [Abedin’s disgraced husband,] Anthony Weiner, Comey jumped at the excuse to reopen the investigation.

‘The people he trusts the most have been the angriest at him,’ the source continued. ‘And that includes his wife, Pat. She kept urging him to admit that he had been wrong when he refused to press charges against the former secretary of state.

‘He talks about the damage that he’s done to himself and the institution [of the FBI], and how he’s been shunned by the men and women who he admires and work for him. It’s taken a tremendous toll on him.’

It’s never too late for redemption for those who earnestly repent. But for Comey, it is far too late to redeem himself painlessly. It isn’t only the liberal media after his hide; his boss and his boss’s boss, Loretta Lynch and Obama, are reportedly enraged at his insubordination.

If only he had done the right thing from the beginning by recommending indictment, he might have spared himself and his agency a great deal of grief.

Do the right thing the first time. It’s hard, but it hurts less.

On a tip from Torcer.

48 Responses to “Why Comey Stopped Shielding Hillary”

  1. TrojanMan says:

    “Morning Joe Montage: Democrats on Director Comey – NOW VS THEN!”

  2. TrojanMan says:

    “The Attack On Comey Continues: Open Letter From Eric Holder And Others”

  3. calmly_observing says:

    When he buckled to pressure the first time, there was no way to recover. Even this most recent action falls short. But at least it gives career employees a chance to prove they DID and are doing their jobs. But it could be years before it all comes out.

    But Comey brought all of this on himself. And the Clintonistas and the entire media complex will now give him the full treatment. Even today I’ve heard a couple of people have already moved beyond the “right wing conspiracy” and trying to tie that to Comey. They are smearing him with words like fascist and worse. The claim? He is now an operative for Trump and doing his bidding to go after Hillary as Trump promised in debates and speaches.

    “This is what a fascist Trump presidency will look like…” Etc. Expect to see NYT and WaPo headlines following that lead soon. Funny thing – that’s exactly what honest media might have said about the IRS scandal, for starters.

  4. The Trumpening says:

    There’s a condom boy on every continent.

  5. physicsnut says:

    Nate Silver apologized for being wrong.
    The usual suspects at NPR apologize for being wrong.
    The idiots at National Review have NOT apologized.
    The birdbrains at the NYTimes just don’t care.
    I love being right ! It suits me.

    Reasons to love the Donald Phenomenon: RATS coming out of the woodwork !
    MY LIST OF DEPLORABLES ! is Lewis Black’s head exploding ?? is he Going to Hell ?
    SJWs heads exploding – At least Maureen Dowd says so. PAUL RYAN – HEAD RAT.

    // first – some PAID TROLLS for HILLARY coming out of the woodwork:

    // not to mention that NEVER-TRUMP types are all FOR AMNESTY and OPEN BORDERS.
    // perfect example of PRO AMNESTY stupidity

    a. giving the finger to the establishment – for example GEORGE WILL !!! NPR too !!!
    b. Sharpton will LEAVE the USA. (after paying his taxes)
    c. Steinem is leaving Yay !!! Daily News melting down; Kathy Griffin GOES LOWER !
    d. Cher is leaving, and Miley Cyrus too , and Barbra Streisand , and Jamie Lee Curtis too!!
    e. Barry Diller is leaving, Ruth Bader Ginsburg moving to New Zealand (NYT 7.11.16)
    f. jon stewart is leaving, Amy Schumer moving to SPAIN !!!
    g. 25 percent of feds leaving ! great news
    h. Whoopie is leaving – more great news
    i. at least 200,000 more. NOT ENOUGH, but it’s a start
    j. bill bryson too, cosmologist OK, but he ignores 100,000 gang bangers.
    k. the jerks who thought obama would be a good president.
    l. for pissing off the stuffed shirts at National Review
    m. heads exploding at Alternet. Yay ! And at RedState (pathetic)
    n. heads exploding at Salon, and DailyKos, TeleMundo
    o. heads exploding at ThinkProgress, and DemocraticUnderground
    p. heads exploding at MotherJones, HuffingtonPOS, and TheATLANTIC !!
    q. Vicente Fox’s head exploding; Cyndi Lauper’s head exploding
    r. pollsters, pundits, prognosticators all proven WRONG, repeatedly !
    s. payback for Pelosi pole vaulting “gotta pass it to find out what’s in it”
    t. payback for Zuckerberg and his phony ‘conservative’ website
    u. payback for NYC allowing ILLEGALS to vote and teach.
    v. payback for CA issuing drivers licenses to ILLEGALS
    w. heads exploding at the Daily News AND at REDSTATE !!! Love it.
    x. Brian Lehrer’s head exploding, Bill Kristol’s head imploding.
    y. oh yes – millions of illegals leaving !
    z. heads exploding at TRSCOOP ( they have a lot of nerve blocking me)

    A. heads exploding at WAMC ‘fear the demographics’, ‘so what’ that journalist …
    B. Payback for Media Lies about obamacare
    C. Europeans need it
    D. payback for Gawker ‘fooling’ Trump
    E: payback for Jose Antonion Vargas blather
    F: payback for Lindsey “AMNESTY” Graham , And HUGH HEWETT TOO !
    G: Heads exploding at EMORY U.
    H: Eve Ensler’s head exploding ( double yay !!)
    i: overseas ANGST !! love it
    J: dan savage head exploding
    L: glenn beck melting down, David Brooks melting down, George Will head exploding
    m: payback for CAIR
    plus – they have an invitation
    // from the Forward – Meet the Jews of Canada;s ‘anti-trump island’
    N: P.J. O’rourke melting down
    O: Cher head exploding
    P: David Rothenberg head exploding , and David Letterman too
    Q: heads exploding at “ON THE MEDIA” Brooke Gladstone and the putz whatsisname
    R: Hillary attacks Bernie supporters
    S: Green Day AMERICAN IDIOTS heads exploding

  6. The Trumpening says:

    No need to hide your mourning over your preferred candidate.

  7. niveker says:

    Comey is not trustworthy, even with his latest actions. He has been laying with the Clinton dogs for many, many years, as far back as Whitewater. He deserves all the crap he’ll get, and more.

  8. Torcer says:

    The Latest: Trump Supporter Pushes Back on ‘Rigged’ Election – ABC News – via @ABC

  9. Torcer says:

    Social Media Blackout? FBI Emails Are Not ‘Trending’ On Twitter, Facebook, Buzzfeed, Or Snapchat via @floppingaces

    Twitter blocks #HillaryForPrison trend. But users just tricked Twitter and it worked

  10. Torcer says:

    Don’t blame Comey for this mess

    Comey Is Not the One Whose Unorthodox Actions Are Casting a Cloud over the Election

    House intelligence chair: FBI must have found ‘something significant’

  11. Torcer says:

    Big-Time Democrat Pulls Support for Hillary Clinton, Worried About ‘Constitutional Crisis’ if Elected

    FALLOUT: Longtime Hillary Loyalist Doug Schoen RETHINKING #ImWithHer in Light of FBI Investigation! | RedState

    Will Hillary Clinton lose the US election because of the FBI email investigation?

    Hillary’s House of Cards #RogersRules via @pjmedia_com

  12. Torcer says:

    And for a little bit of the national socialist media’s See! See! the other side did it too:

    Donald Trump’s companies destroyed or hid documents in defiance of court orders

  13. Torcer says:

    7 Things You Need To Know About The FBI’s Renewed Hillary Investigation

  14. Torcer says:

    WHOA! Obama does NOT believe Comey is trying to influence outcome of election – White House

    Morning Joe Montage: Democrats on Director Comey – NOW VS THEN!

    UNPRECEDENTED? The Democrats did the SAME THING when Bill Clinton was running for president

  15. Torcer says:

    The Latest on the 2016 presidential race
    The top Senate Democrat says FBI Director James Comey may have broken the law by disclosing 11 days before Election Day word of newly discovered emails possibly related to the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

    In a letter late Sunday to Comey, Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada says his office has determined that the FBI director’s actions may have violated the Hatch Act, which limits some political activities of federal employees.

    Reid wrote to Comey: “Through your partisan actions, you may have broken the law.”

    The Democrat also railed against what he sees as a double standard by Comey, saying the FBI has “explosive information” about close ties between Republican Donald Trump and the Russian government. Reid says there is no danger to American interests to release that information and accuses Comey of resisting calls to inform the people.

    Donald Trump is encouraging his Colorado supporters to vote in person instead of relying on Colorado’s vote-by-mail system.

    Trump tells rally-goers in Greeley that they should head to a local polling place on Monday to pick up new ballots instead of using the ones they received by mail.

  16. Torcer says:

    5 Reasons The FBI’s New Email Investigation Is HILARIOUS
    The Democrats are in full-scale panic.

    They should be.

    Hillary Clinton has been dropping like a stone in the polls. Weeks ago, she was up well over seven points in the RealClearPolitics poll average; she’s now down to a 2.8 percent lead in a four-way race. In the state polls, Trump has been gaining steadily, to the point where Axiom Strategies has Trump down just one point in Colorado and two in Pennsylvania, and up four in Florida, four in Nevada, two in North Carolina, five in Ohio. If that’s right, this election is now on a knife’s edge.

    And all of it is hilarious.
    1. Hillary Tells The FBI To Come Clean. Hillary has now said that the FBI should reveal what it knows about Anthony Weiner’s emails – they have to come clean in order to demonstrate to the American public that there’s either something there or there isn’t. It turns out that there is someone else who knows whether there is something there or not: Hillary Clinton. Her pathological need to hide information led to this entire bizarre scenario: she set up the private server, she hid its existence, she deleted thousands of emails…and now she wants the FBI to come clean. This is the equivalent of the Menendez brothers killing their parents and then falling on the mercy of the court because they’re orphans.
    2. Anthony Weiner.
    3. Democrats Hate James Comey!
    4. Democratic Spokespeople On Comey Are The Worst People In The World. So, who are Democrats trotting out to castigate Comey? They’ve decided to unleash former attorney general Eric Holder, the most corrupt AG in American history, a fellow under contempt from Congress, who facilitated gunrunning in Operation Fast and Furious and then lied about it, who oversaw the transition of the DOJ into a racial grievance squad, who used the DOJ to target journalists like James Rosen, who labeled Fort Hood “workplace violence.” He’s their go-to guy criticizing Comey on ethics. And then there’s Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), a sociopathic liar who once said that Mitt Romney had paid no taxes – without evidence – and then said it worked just fine so long as Romney lost. Now Reid’s accusing Comey of violating the Hatch Act, and stating that Comey is covering up Trump’s relationship with Russia. With no evidence. And the media, naturally, are taking it seriously. Because of course they are.
    5. Obama’s Now Campaigning For Someone Under THREE FBI Investigations.

  17. WMD says:

    Jeez, how long have you been holding that back?

  18. Torcer says:

    One would think that those alleged Trump supporters out there would be focusing on Comrade Clinton these days instead of spending so much time attacking those who would dare ‘tell it like it is’
    Why is that the case?

    Supposed Trump supporters seem to spend a great deal of time attacking those who may be convinced to support the man all manner of falsehoods and lies.
    Why are they doing this as in the case of ‘Fiberal’:

    From your recent revelation that you knew from the beginning that your attempts to degrade Trump would lead to a Cowliary WH.

    Where did I say those exact words?
    Please post an excerpt in you answer else your credibility will have been eviscerated.

    Fiberal You know where to look it up.

    No, YOU made the accusation, You have to back it up.
    You can dispense with the wild goose chase scam. If you cannot back up your words, you have eviscerated your credibility.

    Fiberal But in the event that your (((psychosis))) is at fever pitch again tonight, it’s on your post responding to my quote from Ayn Rand.

    Whoa! Two vague and false assertions for one. What exactly are you referring to?

    BTW you pasted my conclusion; not yourEXACTwords(!!).

    What? Again, you made a false assertion and unless you can back it up with facts, you will have destroyed your credibility.

    Fiberal In any event, YOU have no credibility whatsoever on adjudicating credibility when you’ve lost all credibility in your admitted efforts to put a criminal in the WH…..

    What? The circular logic of Piling falsehood upon falsehood PROVES NOTHING.

    Fiberal And if you disagree with that, you might want to explain just what it is that you think you’re doing here.

    It’s called Free-speech.

    Fiberal Not that you would have to admit anything. You’re not exactly trying to hide your vile affinity for Cowliary.

    Again, what are you talking about?

  19. Artfuldgr says:

    The first time he was trying to balance what he had to report and say and not be prosecuted by the dems and have his life destroyed… as is clear they willdo this morning as harry reid equates prosecuting crimes with giving opinions that influence elections… ie. the law is not a license to break the law during elections its a law to stop people from using their position from influencing an election by making comments… not by avoiding their job, as any lawyer worth more than a nickel could argue that by NOT saying anything they are also in violation of influiencing the outcome!!!

  20. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    Comey reports to Lynch, who reports to Obama. I’d be somewhat surprised if Obama stated that he thought a member of his team was dirty. But you never know.

  21. TrojanMan says:

    No honor among thieves

  22. The Trumpening says:

    Bunch of nutless faggy wimps. You’re all pathetic. How many times have you drained Gary Johnson’s Johnson?

  23. The Trumpening says:

    Believe it or not (not, most likely, in your case, genius) Trump made a deal with Obama. If he chooses not to pardon Hillary, he goes free. If he pardons Hillary, President Trump goes after Obama after he takes office.

  24. TrojanMan says:

    404 Not Found

    Try again

  25. Wilberforce says:


  26. shohio says:

    There is a lot more to this than Comey’s conscience. Obama ordered this investigation reopened. I think we will hear the big bomb drop here starting Nov 1 to the election. Stay tuned….

  27. The Trumpening says:

    No, the real cowards are you and mental midgets like “762” who toss around epithets like “coward” then turn around and threaten to murder people with whom they disagree. I merely point out that you are nutless, pathetic, faggy wimps who couldn’t even stand up to a group of left wing goons without pissing your pants. Go suck Paul Ryan’s dick, loser.

  28. Wilberforce says:

    Calm down, coward.

    And keep your homoerotic fanatasies to yourself.

  29. TrueConservative says:

    It’s a little late, but working to correct the MASSIVE DAMAGE he’s caused is good.
    (FYI: Andrew McCabe is the one on the right)

  30. 762x51 says:


    The funniest part of this is that this is all you spineless cowards have!

  31. Torcer says:

    One would think that those supposedly in the Trump camp would be quiescent at this point given the of current state of political circumstances.

  32. Torcer says:

    Who won the betting pool on how long it would take the national socialist left to blame this on sexism?

    ‘My God, the stupid’: Berkeley prof calls Hillary’s self-inflicted email woes ‘an attack on women’ via @twitchyteam

  33. 762x51 says:

    OK, I have finally managed to stop laughing enough to type.

    Where to start? It goes out of its way to manufacture a meme specific to my screen name then hides behind a anonymous screen name to post it all the while calling me the names it says I call it. You just can’t make this stuff up.

    All it has to do is man up, show up and back up its pathetic BS and prove I am what it claims. I’m available, the coward just won’t come out of hiding to prove me wrong. Apparently, this is its best effort. ROTFLMAO!!!

  34. 762x51 says:

    Did you get that straight from Alex Jones or were you hiding under “the Donalds” bed when the conversation took place?


  35. 762x51 says:

    They are Progressive ideologues so that is unlikely. Even with the new email investigation Hillary is still up by 3 points overall and still has enough Electoral College votes, which is entire point of all this, to win, 293.

    On the other hand, I seem to be having an affect otherwise they would not go to all the trouble of making a special meme just for me. Nothing like living rent free in their heads, LMAO!

  36. 762x51 says:

    Too little too late.

    Unless the wikileaks dump tomorrow has some major dirt AND that info can get out AND voters can digest it AND voters CARE about it, Clinton will still win.

    Our best case scenario now is a massive constitutional crisis which will lead to, . . . . Yep, Civil War. Thanks Trumpanzees!

  37. Torcer says:

    What are you referring to?

  38. Chronos Z. Wonderpig says:

    so, the Trumpanzees were responsible for Hillary’s illegal sever & her hacked emails? how about her foundation, Trumpanzzes responsible?

  39. George Lortz says:

    I sure hope Comey gets back some loyal and trustworthy agents who forgive him for the first faux-pas; and I hope they are well armed, cause the bitches henchmen WILL be gunning for him.

  40. It’s a shame Comey is going to commit suicide soon…wonder how many bullets it will take?

  41. JackisBack says:

    Maybe he realized that large percentage of the American public felt he put a price on justice in America and sold out to the highest, leftist bidders.

  42. […] praise having turned to curses and denunciations is a price Comey will have to pay to redeem himself. But there is some solace; Trump has of course gone the other way, from curses to […]

  43. FrozenPatriot says:

    Hahaha, more autodelegitimization by the empire. Perhaps now that Halloween is over, the masks can come off and we can see these statist pigs for what they all are: taxpayer funded trough dwellers.

  44. Morganmplowman says:

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  45. […] Why Comey stopped shielding Hillary […]

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