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Dec 01 2018

Why Cultural Marxism Is Beginning to Self-Destruct

Liberalism is now nearly synonymous with Cultural Marxism, which is a strategy to destroy Western society by marginalizing its core population. The tactics involve creating and/or exacerbating alienated special interest groups to array against the heterosexual white male Christians who created America and have run it virtually exclusively until recently.

The strategy cannot be used to build, only to destroy. Having marginalized the white man, the various brigades of the “oppressed” will inevitably go at each other’s throats as they fight over the zero-sum identity politics spoils.

As Tim Pool notes in the video below, this has already begun to happen. He cites the farcical condemnation of The Vagina Monologues and the Left’s embrace of the anti-Semitic Islamofeminist Linda Sarsour:

Internal divisions, inherent contradictions, and indisputable lies will inevitably destroy liberal ideology. Panicked liberals will respond by clinging to their dysfunctional dogma all the more doggedly and cracking down by any means possible on dissenters.

On a tip from StephaneDumas.

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