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Jan 17 2019

Why Democrats Don’t Want Citizenship on Census

There are reasons Democrats would rather partially shut down their own beloved Big Government than build a wall to help stem the torrent of illegal aliens. Even before they start voting, illegals and their numerous offspring increase Democrats’ power. That’s why the ACLU and other leftists are fighting a citizenship question on the Census:

[U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman] on Tuesday invalidated the Trump administration’s addition of a U.S. citizenship question to the 2020 census, the first ruling in a handful of lawsuits that claim the query will hurt immigrants.

Actually, the query will hurt Democrats by not counting illegals as regular citizens deserving of federal largesse and congressional representation.

The plaintiffs – 18 U.S. states, 15 cities and various civil rights groups – said that asking census respondents whether they are U.S. citizens will frighten immigrants and Latinos into abstaining from the count.

That could cost their mostly Democratic-leaning communities representation in the U.S. House of Representatives, as well as their share of some $800 billion a year in federal funding.

Why should people in other parts of the country have to pony up for the federal funding of foreigners who are only in the country because the federal government allowed them to invade in contravention of our laws and refuses to eject them? Why should the rest of the country be ruled by Democrats elected by these unlawful invaders?

Because Democrats want more power is why.

The purpose of a citizenship question on the Census is to help protect the integrity of federal elections. This is not a Democrat priority, to put it mildly. They lecture us that preventing voter fraud is “racist.”

Asking Democrats to contribute to meaningful border security is like asking Vidkun Quisling to keep Nazis out of Norway.

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