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Jan 29 2019

Why Dems Crush Small-Time Entrepreneurs

We have seen how Big Government puts the screws to small-time entrepreneurs like independent hairdressers, often crushing them with unreasonable licensing requirements. What exactly do bureaucrats have against them? Washington State Representative Joe Schmick offers some insight:

My office has received many phone calls and emails about an effort (Senate Bill 5326) to eliminate booth rental agreements, like those used by hairdressers and stylists, who rent “booths” and are their own small business. …

Small businesses in the service industry don’t have to pay a business and occupation (B&O) tax if their annual revenue is less than $56,000/year, and pay a reduced amount if they make between $56,000 and $112,000/year. The sponsors of this bill want to do an “end run” around our B&O tax exemptions for small business entrepreneurs by forcing them to go to work for larger businesses that don’t have the same tax incentives.

If you were to listen to their quasi-Marxist rhetoric, you would think liberals were against large businesses — which mysteriously tend to be run by people who noisily advance liberal political views (Nike, Apple, Procter & Gamble, Google, etc.).

But many – if not most – of these entrepreneurs are women, single mothers, and second-income earners who need the flexibility of setting their own schedules and the ability to maximize every dollar earned that they can!

From the Democrat perspective, such women have no business working anyway. They should just lie back and let the welfare state take care of them, like Indians on a reservation.

In effect, this bill seeks to balance the budget, or pay for more things like the governor’s billion dollar plan to save the orcas, on the backs of small business entrepreneurs making less than $56,000/year.

The governor he refers to is of course moonbat extraordinaire Jay Inslee, who is among the many unhinged leftists vying for the Democrat presidential nomination.

On a tip from Becky in WA.

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