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Jun 26 2016

Why Doesn’t the Left Respect Omar Mateen Identifying as an ISIS Terrorist?

A man can identify as a woman or a woman identify as a man and the authorities will insist that you play along with the delusion, adjusting pronouns as necessary. But they do not respect Omar Mateen’s explicit self-identification as an ISIS terrorist, even though he officially put it on the record while in the process of murdering 49 people for Allah. Elly Maye wonders why:

On a tip from ScrewyPuppy.

12 Responses to “Why Doesn’t the Left Respect Omar Mateen Identifying as an ISIS Terrorist?”

  1. Jodie says:

    Right on Elly Maye!

  2. rambler says:

    Because the left can’t face the truth…. it makes them feel unsafe and groping for their safe spaces to hide from all those micro-aggressions which cause them so much pain and anguish.

  3. BillyBob Bob says:

    Mateen was, to borrow a phrase from the African/American culture, a ‘Down Low’ homosexual (bi-sexual) along with being a muslim and Democrat. The fact that he’s muslim and murdered 49 homosexuals doesn’t absolve him of being one himself. Homosexuals murder other homosexuals. The same Sunday as ‘The Pulse’ massacre, homosexual James Wesley Howell was arrested, according to Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks’ initial Twitter, “to harm Gay Pride event.” Up until ‘The Pulse’, the ‘Worst Mass Killing of LGBT People in U.S. History’ killed 31 in New Orleans at the Upstairs Lounge in 1971, by a homosexual.

    As we know, a fascist streak runs through the gay lobby much like islam. Both are determined to rid this country of its Judeo-Christian values. #NoEmpathyForTheEnemy

  4. Stosh says:

    But was the gun an ISIS supporter? That’s the important criteria….

  5. Donna M says:

    Hey, nematode!
    Come on over for lunch.
    I have some”organic” kitchen waste in a composite bucket in the backyard, I’m sure you’ll be interested in…
    I guarantee ya’, it’s better than that truck load of questionable cr@p, the left-prog dump in that horrendous pile, at your front door every day and night!
    If your going to “consume” that stuff, at least mine is organically, “nutritious”!

  6. MAS says:

    Why? Well boys and girls it’s because the only thing that is allowed to fly with Marxists and their media is that which advances the agenda. That agenda is to destabilize a nation by attacking/degrading anything that defends and strengthens it. LBGT/LSMFT meets the criteria as does being an orthodox Muslim (read: Radical Islam) and so must be protected and obscured. Can’t have the frogs figuring out the water is getting hot too soon.

  7. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Exactly. Politicians couldn’t care less about black on black violence because it doesn’t advance the agenda. They couldn’t care less about black kids unable to find jobs (and being squeezed out of the job market) by both illegal immigration and higher minimum wage laws because it doesn’t advance the political agenda. The Supreme Court upholding affirmative action in college admissions received nary a notice; had it been struck down, the howling would be intense.

    And recognition that a Muslim killing a bunch of guys (gay or not) has zero to do with the fact that the shooter was a Muslim declaring jihad.

  8. SNuss says:

    In stark contrast, the Left had no trouble Identifying Dylann Roof’s motivation, and expanding it to better fit their agenda

  9. Pork_Soda says:

    2 words: cognitive dissonance. That’s why…

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