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Aug 01 2019

Why Homelessness Is Worse in San Francisco Than Seattle

We have seen the deleterious effects of feeding feral cats and the catastrophic effects of showering aid upon Africa. The same principle explains why the homelessness problem in San Francisco is even worse than in Seattle.

Seattle’s KOMO illustrates:

Despite increased incremental spending of tens of millions of dollars each year, San Francisco leaders were shocked when results of this year’s one night count of the city’s homeless went up 30 percent from just 2 years ago.

“Despite.” That’s like saying, “Despite continuing to pound their thumb with a hammer, it kept on hurting.”

San Francisco will spend $305 million on homeless housing, shelter and services in 2019. Seattle is spending roughly $90 million. Behavior, mental health and drug treatment services are not included in these totals.

Brandon Deerfield demonstrates the results of this demented waste of other people’s money. He used to be homeless in Seattle, and now lives on the streets in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, where he finds it easier to acquire drugs.

Like a lot of homeless people, Brandon has switched from heroin to fentanyl, which is more powerful. Bums smoke it through discarded syringes.

“That’s why you don’t see syringes on the ground,” he says. “Since the city banned plastic straws, the addicts are using syringes as pipes.”

Consider that drinking straws are illegal, but syringes explicitly intended for the injection of heroin are provided at taxpayer expense by the government, and you will soon understand why San Francisco has a homelessness problem.

Brandon says people in San Francisco are more generous than Seattleites with their dollars to panhandlers who are ‘flying a sign.’”

In Seattle, he says, “They’re like, ‘Oh you are just going to spend it on drugs,’ but it’s normal for them out here.”

He says he can get $30 in 15 minutes when he ‘flies a sign’ asking for money, whereas in Seattle it could take him all day.

That comes to $120 per hour for indulging in uselessness during a time of extremely low unemployment.

“They already know, they give it to you and say here, ‘I don’t care what you do with this,’” he says.

This depraved form of do-gooderism is reflected in a municipal government in San Francisco that tops even Seattle’s for moonbattery.

He also said services are more readily available in San Francisco than Seattle.

“I feel they have more services here; they are more on top of it here because it’s so full of homeless.”

It is beyond belief that the leftist bureaucrats in charge do not understand that it works the other way around; they have so many derelicts because they throw so much money at them.

Meanwhile California Governor Gavin Newsom squeaks that he will double the vast amount of state tax money that is spent subsidizing homelessness. This plague will not go away until moonbattery does.

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