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Oct 21 2020

Why Hunter Biden’s Emails Are a Huge Deal

So that the apparatchiks running the establishment media might understand, Liz Wheeler explains why the revelations on Hunter Biden’s laptop are a big deal warranting thorough coverage:

Joe Biden potentially being on the payroll of America’s most aggressive adversary is shocking, even if many voters have degenerated to the point of accepting Biden’s decades-old reputation for dishonesty.

Nearly as alarming is that Big Tech and the mainstream media would be so determined to keep this explosive information from the public right before an election. Serving as information gatekeepers to empower the Democratic Party is clearly more important to both than their credibility or their responsibility to the public.

Also hair-raising is the fact that Adam Schiff, with his tired and childish lie about it all being a Russian plot, is Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

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