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Apr 28 2019

Why Joe Biden Is the Definitive Swamp Creature

Joe Biden is the definitive swamp creature for a number reasons.

He has been part of the Beltway establishment since becoming a Senator in 1973. He will say anything, no matter how shameful and disgusting, for the sake of attaining more power — up to and including denouncing the “white man’s culture.” He has overindulged in plastic surgery and Botox treatments to the point of resembling some misbegotten cross between a space alien and a wrinkle-free swamp eel.

Most of all, Biden is the definitive swamp creature because he is corrupt.

Peter Schweizer is a leading expert on Washington corruption, having documented it extensively in books like Throw Them All Out, Extortion, Clinton Cash, and Secret Empires. He says Biden was the most corrupt VP in American history. Listen as he gives a few reasons why:

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