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Aug 16 2018

Why London Has So Many Acid Attacks

Acid attacks are all the rage in London these days:

The United Kingdom’s surge of the previously unheard of phenomenon of acid attacks has seen an average of 15 a week over the past three years, with the vast majority taking place in the crime-struck capital, London.

Now why would English people suddenly start throwing disfiguring and potentially deadly acid in each other’s faces? Here’s a clue:

Of the attacks, the majority took place in London — 73 per cent — despite just 12 per cent of people in the United Kingdom living in the capital.

More clues:

Newham is the London borough with the highest number of acid attacks. It also has the second highest percentage of Muslims in the UK. 398 acid attacks occurred in 5 years in the area named as “the most ethnically diverse district in England and Wales”. 33% of Newham consists of non-UK passport holders. …

There were 84 acid attacks in what has been dubbed “The Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets”.

Tower Hamlets is a no-go zone largely populated by Bangladeshis.

Let’s have one more clue:

Bangladesh has the highest rate of acid attacks in the world.

Acid attacks are a quaint Muslim practice, often used against women on the street deemed not to be properly veiled.

The practice has now been woven into Britain’s rich multicultural fabric. Because it deforms and destroys by corrosion, acid is emblematic of multiculturalism in general.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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