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Aug 22 2019

Why Media Supports Stacey Abrams in Her Refusal to Concede

The absurd Stacey Abrams — who once burned the Georgia flag on the steps of the state capitol — still refuses to concede the gubernatorial election held last fall.

Since that time, Abrams has turned “sore loser” into almost an art form. She’s made countless TV appearances where [the] interviewers treat her like a queen. Other outlets have published fawning puff pieces in major newspapers like the New York Times. We have seen nearly every 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful bend over backward to kiss the Abrams ring.

Abrams appeared on “CBS This Morning” on Monday. The anchors gave her the same type of softball questioning and adoring coverage she’s received since she first refused to concede.

During the interview, Abrams talked about her announcement last week that she was open to being the vice presidential nominee for any of the Democrats currently running for president.

Don’t be surprised if she ends up on the ballot. The Democrat Party has become a whirling circus of incontinent moonbattery, and a circus always has a prominent place for clowns.

Her claims that the election that she lost by 55,000 votes was somehow rigged remain unsubstantiated. Yet the fawning media refuses to call her out on this. This is not only because she is a sacred left-wing Woman of Color, but also because her fellow leftists believe that generating discontent by undermining faith in the electoral process can help them in future elections by undermining Republican officeholders and by driving turnout, especially among strategically aggrieved blacks. Eroding elections fits nicely on an agenda that also includes undermining the American system of government by packing the Supreme Court, disabling the Electoral College, abolishing the Senate, and even passing H.R.1.

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