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Jul 11 2018

Why Multiculturalism Doesn’t Work: A Protest Against Gentrification

Look what happens if you try to open up an art gallery in a part of the USA that has been annexed by the slums of Mexico, thereby engaging in gentrification:

The irony of Mexicans — many of whom are in our country as a result of illegal immigration — demanding that we evacuate parts of our own land so that they don’t feel “displaced” is lost on the moonbats at HuffPost, who embrace scenes like this as our national future.

The spectacle recorded in the video above is apparently the same one that took place at Mariachi Plaza in Los Angeles last February 7…

…it was organized by Defend Boyle Heights, a coalition of scorched-earth young activists from the surrounding neighborhood — the heart of Mexican-American L.A. — who have rejected the old, peaceful forms of resistance (discussion, dialogue, policy proposals) and decided that the only sensible response is to attack and hopefully frighten off the sorts of art galleries, craft breweries and single-origin coffee shops that tend to pave the way for more powerful invaders: the real estate agents, developers and bankers whose arrival typically mark a neighborhood’s point of no return.

Permit even the least bit of America to return to conquered portions of the USA, and next thing you know it isn’t a welfare-financed, drug-infested, garbage-strewn hellhole anymore. So fascist tactics are employed, with HuffPost’s righteous approval:

A gallery closed its doors after its “staff and artists were routinely trolled online and harassed in person.” An experimental street opera was shut down after members of the Roosevelt High School band — egged on by a group of activists — used saxophones, trombones and trumpets to drown it out. A real estate bike tour promising clients access to a “charming, historic, walkable and bikeable neighborhood” was scrapped after the agent reported threats of violence.

If we want to have our own country, we will have to fight to reclaim it. The sooner this happens, the more likely we are to succeed.

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