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Apr 07 2019

Why Nobody Wants to Police Portland

As mentioned earlier, law enforcement agencies from the surrounding area have begun to balk at helping to police Portland out of concern for their officers, because attempting to enforce the law in a city run by moonbats like Mayor Ted Wheeler is not the job they signed up for. Unfortunately for Portland, nobody else wants to sign up for it either.

Officers are retiring left and right. Replacing them is not easy in the current environment. Those willing to take the job are not always the cream of the crop:

Portland police are struggling to fill officer vacancies as recruits wash out during probation at about double the rate they have in the past. …

The failed recruits couldn’t perform on the job, had problems multi-tasking or making good decisions under stress during field training, [Assistant Chief Chris] Davis said. Others decided on their own that the job wasn’t working out for them or were terminated due to misconduct, he said.

Getting even subpar recruits has been difficult, due to a variety of factors including a sclerotic bureaucracy that takes nearly a year to process an applicant and the attitude toward police that prevails in a city dominated by moonbats. It can’t help that municipal government sides with leftist hooligans against both peaceful citizens and law enforcement.

The Portland PD has been relying on overtime to get sufficient manpower on the street. That is not a permanent solution. The only permanent solution would be to scale back the moonbattery. Yet Wheeler et al only continue to double down on it.

Matt Christiansen sums up the situation:

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