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Apr 30 2019

Why Thanking Marines Is Racist

The purpose of the US Marines is to defend America from its enemies. With the exception of fading Russia, America’s enemies are not European. Therefore, thanking the Marines is racist:

A hamburger restaurant in Illinois is defending a sticker that has angered an online mob to decry the owner as a “racist” for the message he says is simply pro-Marine.

The sticker at the Gross Burgers restaurant points to writing in Arabic and says, “If you can’t read this, thank a Marine.”

The social media mob has worked itself into a frenzy. Shrieks an SJW,

“If you can read it, thank yourself for being a multicultural human and not a xenophobic garbage human.”

Those who stayed awake during history class will have a good laugh at the idea of equating Muslim conquest with multiculturalism. The Middle East was home to a vast array of cultures, mainly Christian, that had thrived for ages before Islam destroyed them. Now there is only the dysfunctional monoculture of Islam and a tiny little pocket of civilization called Israel, which Muslims and leftists agree must be eradicated.

To his great credit, the owner says the sticker stays. It was a gift from a Marine who served in Iraq.

Consider the implications of objecting to the sticker. Moonbats believe you are a “garbage human” if you want to defend your civilization from foreign conquest. This explains Democrat policy regarding illegal immigration.

The worst enemy is the one within. They say that Muslim armies were able to sack Christian Alexandria, leading to the annihilation of Egyptian civilization, because someone opened the gates from inside.

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