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Jan 07 2012

Why the EU Will Never Again Ask an Actual Innovator to Speak at an Innovation Convention

Businessman Michael O’Leary of Ryanair lets go with both barrels against statist Euroweenies at last month’s Innovation Convention 2011 in Brussels. The clip is lengthy; most of the countermoonbattery is right up front:

Once again we see that whatever the economic question, the free market is the answer.

On tips from Nobody and Smorfia48.

11 Responses to “Why the EU Will Never Again Ask an Actual Innovator to Speak at an Innovation Convention”

  1. Son of Taz says:

    He should be a GOP candidate. He’s more a Republican than the current Republican candidates. Too bad he’s not a citizen.

    Oh, wait…….

    Neither is the current POTUS.

  2. Agnostic Conservative says:

    That was completely worth watching.

  3. chuck in st paul says:

    But… But!… BUT!! you couldn’t exist without our reforms!! [yeah, I know, 30 years ago, but these things take time…] – Euroweenie

    I love this guy. He so-o-o-o-o takes apart the idiocracy that is the EU. The American airline system has many of these innovations and cost cuttings from our deregulation as well. Same idea for the phone systems. Why or why do we not demand the same for ALL industry and the economy? Get the hell out of the medical industry, in particular medical practioners and providers as well as the insurers.

    Of course tens of thousands of lawyers and bureaucrats would lose their jobs. Still… Burger King is usually hiring so there IS a place for them.

  4. Henry says:

    Nice job.

    Wasn’t Ryanair considering charging £1 to use the bathrooms on the planes…?

  5. This guy is great

    He’s kind of rough around the edges, but Europe could use a WHOLE lot more like him

  6. Suspicious Intentions says:

    Start to finish: That’s what you call real hope.

  7. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    But be sure to pay homage to the EC, who took those “first steps” toward deregulation some thirty odd years ago.

  8. Dr. 9 says:

    I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing this gentleman speak before, but based on what he says and how he says it, i would think he’ll soon be very rich and powerful, or he’ll simply have an “accident”.

  9. TonyD95B says:

    Michael O’Leary has a reputation in the airline industry as a loudmouth and for being arrogant……but he usually redeems himself by being proved right.

    Note that the very core of his business model is pure capitalism: Give people what they REALLY want (low fares and efficient on-time service) and they will gladly exchange their money for it.

    Ryanair also borrows heavily from American success story Southwest Airlines, right down to operating only one type of aircraft, which is the venerable Boeing 737.

    The B-737 is esay to operate, easy to maintain and it’s safety and reliability are legendary. That’s probably another reason the EU hates Ryanair – they don’t use Airbus.*

    O’Leary’s comments about, ‘Orville and Wilbur in 1912″ were kind of cryptic – I think he might have been referring to the first fare-paying passenger, not the first flight. Close enough – I’ll give him a “pass”. It’s not like he said the Selma Civil Rights March happened years earlier than it did, or that we have 57 states or something.

    His comments about the Belgian National Symbol were absolutely PRICELESS…

    *As the saying goes, “If it’s Not a Boeing, I’m Not Going”.

  10. lvb-rocks says:

    Terrific. Leave it to the Irish with their gift of gab to say it like it is. In 1998 I flew Ryanair from a small airport outside of Paris to Dublin. It was great — much like Frontier and Southwest are doing here now.

    On a small aside, I urge people to fly Frontier whenever possible. When my daughter was a baby, Frontier provided us with 8 free round-trip tickets from Denver to NYC so that she could undergo some innovative medical care. We never asked for those tickets. A stewardess took an interest in my daughter’s situation on a return flight and offered us a buddy pass which turned into receiving a letter from the president of Frontier with 8 free (and 8 lowest fare) tickets. Good people. It sounds like Ryanair is doing similar things for kids in need. That’s part of pure capitalism as well — word of mouth advertising to promote a good product.

  11. PacRim Jim says:

    He’s American brash.
    I like him.

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