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Aug 31 2019

Why We Must Ban Sledgehammers

After we have banned guns and then matches, we must ban sledgehammers.

From Las Vegas:

Homicide Lt. Ray Spencer said the original call was from a woman inside a laundromat. The woman said there was a man outside with a sledgehammer.

Dispatchers heard a scream before the line went dead. A grisly sight greeted arriving police.

Officers found the woman dead outside the front doors of the laundromat.

A short time later, police located the suspect about a quarter mile away with a sledgehammer and blood on him.

Officers rashly arrested the suspect, Clinton Taylor, without stopping to consider whether laws against smashing women to death with sledgehammers might have a disparate impact on persons of color like Mr. Taylor.

It’s funny that the party making so much noise about equality is adamantly opposed to equalizers. How is a woman to defend herself from a guy coming at her with a sledgehammer if not by exercising her Second Amendment rights? Calling the cops won’t help. Not even already being on the phone with them helped the victim in this tragic story.

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