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Jul 18 2019

Why White People Own Dogs

A liberal on Twitter explains why white people shower so much affection on dogs:

Personally, I never owned any slaves. That must be why I don’t have a dog.

What about dog-owners who aren’t white? After all, only white people ever owned slaves, right?

Danielle hasn’t thought it through that far. But she has figured out that her fellow Caucasians are completely evil in every way, so that even their most anodyne characteristics have wicked motives. Cultural Marxist control of the media and education has helped a whole generation to figure this out.

Danielle deserves a pat on the head and maybe even a doggy biscuit for feeling the way she has been told to feel.

On a tip from Stormfax. Hat tip: PJ Media.

One Response to “Why White People Own Dogs”

  1. […] No doubt she only got the dog because she misses slavery. […]

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