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Jan 22 2018

Why White People?

Lauren Southern explains why she is focusing on the horrors inflicted in South Africa on white people in particular. The short answer: because no one else will do it—no matter how extreme the racist oppression in the land that foretells our white minority future:

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

9 Responses to “Why White People?”

  1. physicsnut says:

    there was an article on WeasleZippers about black people being disabled in the USA
    so – maybe we should trade the white people disabled in africa for the black people disabled here

    in other blockbuster news –

    // from conservative tree house
    // DiGenova explains
    // conspiracy to frame trump

    video from article

  2. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Reminds me of an old joke – A Mexican and a Texan are in church. The Wealthy Texan prays to god – dear God please let my next oil well be a gusher, may my airfield be opened in time for the delivery of my new plane and may my new Cadillac come in time for my wife’s birthday. The Mexican prayed lowly but just enough for the rich Texan to overhear it once he finished his own prayers . Dear God, please let me find work so I can feed my family and buy medicine for my sick wife – the Texan hearing this snickered and said “Son God ain’t got time to listen to such bunk.”

    One can imagine a similar joke with Feminists, Liberals, SJW, Soy Boys, La Raza and perpetually offended blacks praying not to God, but a politician.

    Dear Chuck Schumer, please let us have free healthcare, free mansions, free Mercedes benzes, let us be free of the “hateful people,” free from angry people, free from everyone that doesn’t look and think like us. May we have free tuition, guaranteed incomes, guarantees that our feelings shall never be hurt, that we may never be contradicted, never argued with and never subject to anything we don’t like – oh and to ruthlessly punish anyone who crosses us whether it is intentional or not.

    To which the Ethnic European would beg the politico God – Please Mr. Schumer help us our children are being massacred, our women raped and our elderly beaten – gee what would the Progressives remark to such a demand of their God?

  3. Teresa says:

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  4. Steve says:

    She should think about the background when doing video. A hotel bedroom is a little tacky. As far as South Africa goes its just anither shit hole country.

  5. Scattergood Baines says:

    Blacks build nothing. Blacks maintain nothing. Whites flee because of the crime and trash that blacks bring to the cities and neighborhoods and then are blamed for white flight. In the white flight accusation is the admittance that blacks are dependent on whites. On the other hand, whites have built cities from wilderness. In 1957 the richest British Colony at the time, the Gold Coast became independent and called itself Ghana. Ghana was the fourth largest gold producer in the world. It had diamonds and many other minerals as well as oil. It was growing everything from cocoa and pepper to rubber and all kinds of tropical fruit. Four years after independence it was bankrupt. In 1965, one of the poorest British colonies, Singapore, got their independence. Singapore was situated on a salty marsh where almost nothing grew. In fact they were so poor that they considered NOT taking independence and for a while was part of Malaysia. Singapore had to be built from the soil up. It had no minerals and no oil. Nothing. Today Singapore is a shining example of hard work and pride. A successful first world country. A true economic miracle. Ghana is a dump. South Africa, Detroit, Baltimore, dumps.

    Australia, New Zealand, Canada…all former British colonies who “suffered” under the evil yoke of Colonialism…excellent countries today. Uganda, Nigeria and Zimbabwe…dumps…Why? What is the common denomination?

    They should go on their knees and thank God for slavery, colonialism and apartheid, because if it wasn’t for that, they would have had nothing else to blame their failures on.

  6. Boudica says:

    White people, Oriental, Hindu, all motivated people. We are told people are the same the world over except for climatic adaptions. Unfortunately that is not true. People from Africa are not motivated to create things and don’t care about upward mobility. If they want something for them it is easier to steal it than work for it. Blacks need to become more motivated. White people need to leave Africa because they are despised for their intelligence, hard work and ingenuity.

  7. Boudica says:

    Projection, guilt trip, communism. Your comment has it all.

  8. Boudica says:

    Some have moved back to Europe, Australia, South and North America. If they don’t leave they will become part of the African Genocide of White People. Of course the MSM never talks about this. They are owned by Marxist and globalist who dream of one color of people for the whole world. They don’t understand climatic adaptions.

  9. bigg_tomm_2000 says:

    Lauren, get out of there!

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