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Jul 10 2020

Will Ford Keep Making Police Cars?

Figuratively speaking, kneeling to Black Lives Matter is no longer optional; it is mandatory. Its ideology requires that you regard the police as the enemy, until such a time as local police can be replaced with an enforcement mechanism more to the liking of the radical left. The hysterical hatred of police has reached the point that some at Ford want to stop making police cars:

An estimated 100 employees of Ford Motor Co. have asked the automaker to reconsider building and selling police vehicles in light of controversy related to police brutality and social justice…

Ford is already participating in the BLM-inspired campaign to suppress unapproved opinions on social media.

Ford … announced plans to pull its social media spending amid calls for action against misinformation and hate speech.

The idea is to twist Facebook’s arm until it agrees to censor anything Black Lives Matter wouldn’t approve of.

Refusing to make squad cars would escalate the level of pandering to the ultraleft mob.

The Dearborn automaker has long established itself in the law enforcement community as a trusted supplier of police cars and SUVs, which generate significant revenue for the automaker. The Police Interceptor, a highly modified Ford Explorer, is perhaps the most high-profile current vehicle. …

Ford provides about two-thirds of police vehicles in the U.S.

Buying American may not always be a good idea, if it means leaving yourself at the mercy of the militant wokeness currently prevailing among American corporations.

After days of internal questions, [Ford CEO Jim] Hackett wrote to salaried employees about “whether Ford’s development of police vehicles is a good idea given the spotlight on social justice and police reform.”

Hackett appears not to be cowardly enough to stop making police cars to placate the mob. However, “discussion within the company continues to simmer.”

GM makes police cars too. But GM is also eager to pander to Black Lives Matter:

GM announced plans to donate $10 million to promote inclusion and named a social equality panel in June.

Police may end up having to drive Toyotas. So far as I know, the Japanese do not side with Marxists and criminals against American law enforcement.

On a tip from Henry.

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