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Jan 29 2019

Will Jussie Smollett Join Hate Hoax List?

As a general policy, hoaxes must be confirmed by confession or police investigation to qualify for the Hate Hoax List. Empire star Jussie Smollett may soon find his way onto it.

Smollett was allegedly attacked at 2:00 this morning in Chicago by two men in ski masks.

Reports of the incident state that Smollett was walking from a local Subway sandwich shop when the two men started yelling homophobic and racial slurs to get his attention, including: ‘Aren’t you that f***ot “Empire” n*****?’

Smollett sits atop the Cultural Marxist caste system, being both black and homosexual.

The two then started beating on the actor while pouring bleach on him.

A noose was said to have been tied around his neck during the attack.

Racists always carry around nooses and bleach when they are out and about in Chicago in the middle of the night during single-digit cold for just such purposes.

Sources close to the singer told TMZ that both of the men were white and yelled that ‘this is MAGA country.’

Who would have guessed that homogeneously Democratic Chicago, colloquially known as Chicongo, is MAGA country rife with white supremacists?

Surprisingly, the assailants were not said to be wearing MAGA hats.

Moonbat Ana Navarro aptly described the alleged event as “deplorable.”

Smollett was treated and released at Northwestern Memorial Hospital for a fractured rib, so something must have happened. However, reports are too cartoonishly compliant with the liberal narrative to take at face value. This may have been a repurposed mugging.

Unless it is broadly exposed as a hoax, the story is certain to boost his career.

Apologies to Smollett if this is on the level, but there have been too many hoaxes not to notice when something smells off.

On tips from Heckrules, St. Roger the Obtuse, and Tim P.

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