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Sep 12 2013

Wind Farms Are Killing Off Bald Eagles

Green energy, a racket used by liberals to launder public funds for redistribution to campaign donors, to impoverish us, and to erode our liberty, is killing off bald eagles, the symbol of the once great nation that is being fundamentally transformed out of existence:

Wind energy facilities have killed at least 67 golden and bald eagles in the last five years, but the figure could be much higher, according to a new scientific study by government biologists.

The research represents one of the first tallies of eagle deaths attributed to the nation’s growing wind energy industry, which has been a pillar of President Barack Obama’s plans to reduce the pollution blamed for [NONEXISTENT] global warming. …

But at a minimum, the scientists wrote, wind farms in 10 states have killed at least 85 eagles since 1997, with most deaths occurring between 2008 and 2012, as the industry was greatly expanding. Most deaths — 79 — were golden eagles that struck wind turbines. …

Still, the scientists said their figure is likely to be “substantially” underestimated, since companies report eagle deaths voluntarily and only a fraction of those included in their total were discovered during searches for dead birds by wind-energy companies. The study also excluded the deadliest place in the country for eagles, a cluster of wind farms in a northern California area known as Altamont Pass. Wind farms built there decades ago kill more than 60 per year.

The research affirms an AP investigation in May, which revealed dozens of eagle deaths from wind energy facilities and described how the Obama administration was failing to fine or prosecute wind energy companies, even though each death is a violation of federal law.

Until a few years ago, bald eagles were regarded as an endangered species by the federal government.

If there were any sincerity behind the environmental posturing of our moonbat rulers, you wouldn’t be reading this story.

On tips from Stormfax, DaddyOD, The Blue Meanie, and Wiggins.

16 Responses to “Wind Farms Are Killing Off Bald Eagles”

  1. Jim says:

    I can’t see how this happens. Most of the turbines are inoperative, they have outlives their usefulness as tax dodges, so the stupid eagle must be protesting something else.

  2. Wizare 45 says:

    Hmmm, at $100,000 per eagle the wind farm operators owe the EPA some serious cash.

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    All these windturbines should all be shut down the windturbines sold for scrap and the eco-wackos who support them all tied to the blades and spun around a few million times. Yes IM Back

  4. Steve says:

    Very Cool Official One World Trade Center Time Lapse video. 2004-2013 in 2 minutes!

  5. Henry says:

    Soon they’ll be shooting Bald Eagles because they eat snail darters… or something like that.

    Good to see you back, Spurwing! Just recently discovered it, but I’ve seen you over at AWD.

  6. Spurwing Plover says:

    Strange that the eco-wackos support windturbines that are harming the birds

  7. oldguy says:

    You just can’t reason with elites. I’m beginning to understand the frustration that drove the French people to such extreme acts during the French Revolution.

  8. Eleanor in Hell says:

    It’s too bad Liberals don’t fly. 😮

  9. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    The Bald Eagle is the symbol of America.

    What’s the symbol of Moslems?
    Oh, that’s right… a Bloody Scimitar.

  10. Sam Adams says:

    Spurwing Plover says:
    September 12, 2013 at 4:05 pm

    Strange that the eco-wackos support windturbines that are harming the birds

    All for the greater good, my friend; all for the greater good.

    Interesting that wind farms were originally given a 5 year exemption to laws prohibiting killing raptors. That 5 year term has now been extended to 30 years.

  11. WTSherman1864 says:

    To have our precious eagles destroyed so cravenly makes my GD blood boil!

  12. Comrade Chairman Obama says:

    It is estimated that at least 1 million birds are killed by wind turbines annually.

    Plus, they gum up the landscape, and people who live near them say the noise is unbearable.

    But hey – if it’s in the name of “green” anything, well then, what difference does it make?

  13. whotothewhat says:

    What do you expect when the name of the wind turbine is the Eagle Slicer 2000.

    The left does not care about the Eagle really, they see it as a symbol of the American Patriots. Now if we would catapult the American Wolf into a wind turbine then the left would become on hinged on this.

  14. Flu-Bird says:

    The birds need to sue the EPA and Dept of Energy

  15. Flu-Bird says:

    Excuse me eco-freaks and Federal buricrats but killing Bald Eagles is a FEDERAL CRIME and the owners and operators of those damn windturbines need to be held responible for this

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