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Dec 04 2018

Wind Power Lunacy in Virginia

South Africa may not be the only place where moonbattery makes the lights go out. There, this has resulted from turning the country over to Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress. In the USA, the mechanism could be wind power lunacy of the kind on display in Virginia:

If you like power when it’s available, instead of when you need it; having your lights, heat, computer and TV go off and on 30 times a day; and paying 78 cents a kilowatt-hour, instead of 9 cents — you’ll love Dominion (Virginia) Energy’s plan to install two Washington Monument-sized wind turbines off the Norfolk coast.

Virginia lawmakers recently approved an offshore wind project — with no competitive bidding and an estimated cost of $300 million. Virginians will pay 25 times the U.S. market price for the turbines — and then pay 78 cents/kilowatt-hour for their intermittent electricity. That’s 26 times the 3 cents per kWh wholesale price for coal, gas, hydroelectric or nuclear electricity in the Commonwealth.

From the progressive point of view, the inevitable economic effects of outrageously inflated energy prices are not a bug but a feature. Radically reducing our standard of living is part of the program. This must be inflicted on behalf of excessively numerous man-eating polar bears, because productive human activity makes it be too hot for these sacred creatures according to liberal ideology.

If the issue really were harmless carbon emissions, we would use nuclear power, which emits virtually no CO2 and is efficient.

The first U.S. offshore wind farm went online off Rhode Island in 2017 — at $150,000 per household powered. The newest U.S. nuclear reactor cost $4.7 billion but powers 4.5 million homes — at $1,040 per household.

However, the issue is never the issue. From the progressive point of view, the efficiency of nuclear power is not a feature but a bug.

On tips from Chuck A and 1-Bodhisattva.

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