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Jan 25 2014

With This I Can Rest My Case Against the Mainstream Media…

…and in particular, MSNBC. Here we see a Congresswoman trying to discuss the alarming abuses of power by Obama’s NSA — until she is interrupted in the middle of a sentence for news on a spoilt entertainment industry brat of no significance who was arrested for behavior monotonously characteristic of spoilt entertainment industry brats:

You have to hand it to commie propagandist Andrea Mitchell. All things considered, it can’t be easy for her to maintain such a self-important demeanor.

On a tip from Mr Mentalo.

12 Responses to “With This I Can Rest My Case Against the Mainstream Media…”

  1. Scott B says:

    I weep for what we have become as a nation.

    I joined the USN in 1984. We had some oddballs, but for the most part… we were on solid ground.

    I retired in 2005 only to find the ground was shaky as hell.

    And 8 years after that….

  2. big-pete says:

    All things considered, it can’t be easy for her to maintain such a self-important demeanor.

    I disagree. I think she is the goddess of her own self-important universe. When she picks her nose, angels weep.

  3. rex freeway says:

    Perfect example of main stream media. Obama breaks the law and MSM tries to deflect with a Canadian bitch boy. Is there any credibility left in the Media?

  4. Eleanor in Hell says:

    Andrea Mitchell.
    When you’re married to Alan Greenspan, nothing else matters.

  5. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Babs, give her a little consideration.
    This might be the result of the radiation from the Three Mile Island nuclear accident. 😉

  6. WTSherman1864 says:

    Trashy but they know their audience.

    Not the Fox is any better.

  7. scross47 says:

    Distract us with bread and circuses. Justin is the latest James Dean; destined for an early demise which proves that fame, riches, and adoration do not make a great person; a legend maybe, but not someone to imitate.

  8. JTW says:

    In a society so narcissistic that people volunteer to be locked together in a house with cameras everywhere including in their bedrooms and toilet that show whatever they do on national television 24/7 AND those shows getting millions of viewers 24/7, is it any surprise that a self styled “celebrity” is deemed more important than the president breaking the law?
    Especially considering that those television stations live or die financially by viewer ratings, and viewers tend to rate information about the private lives of their chosen celebrities higher than stories about criminal misconduct by politicians.

  9. ThisObamaNation says:

    Had Enough Yet?

    Rise Up And Do Something.A Former FBI Agent Claims That The FBI And The Dept. Of Homeland Security Are 100% In Bed With The Muslim Brotherhood.
    Col. Riley (Ret.) Has Concluded That The Obama Regime Is Lawless, And That Obama Is An Illegitimate POTUS Who Needs To Be Removed From Office By Any Means Necessary.
    He Is Calling For An AMERICAN SPRING, A Non-Violent “Velvet Revolution”, Starting On May 16th 2014 In Washington DC.
    So Far 1.8 MILLION Militia Members Have Committed To An Unarmed, Peaceful Revolt.
    The Overall Turn Out Could Be Up To 10 Million Demonstrators.

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  11. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Jane Harmon’s a Democrat. She was probably on the edge of her seat watching the video thnking, “That could be my son!”

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