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May 18 2012

Witness Saw Little Angel Trayvon, Who Was High on Drugs, Beating George Zimmerman “MMA Style”

This might come as a surprise to anyone relying on the “mainstream” media for news — the darling little angel Trayvon Martin was high on drugs when he attacked George Zimmerman.

Trayvon Martin had traces of marijuana in his system on the night he was killed by a neighbourhood watch leader later charged with the teenager’s murder, a postmortem report has revealed.

More surprises:

A witness told Florida cops that he saw Trayvon Martin straddling George Zimmerman and pummeling the neighborhood watch captain “MMA [mixed martial arts] style” shortly before the unarmed teen was felled by a gunshot to the chest. …

Interviewed by cops about 90 minutes after the shooting, the witness — whose name was redacted from police documents — said that he was inside his home when he heard a “commotion coming from the walk way” behind his residence.

The man recalled seeing “a black male, wearing a dark colored ‘hoodie’ on top of a white or Hispanic male who was yelling for help.”

Police documents also confirm that Zimmerman sustained conspicuous injuries to his face and the back of his head.

Attempting to portray the vicious thug Trayvon Martin as an innocent victim and Zimmerman as a villain is the complete inversion of good and evil. If the Establishment Left “mainstream” media didn’t jump the shark when it hyped Obama into office, it has now. Its credibility has reached absolute zero.

Trayvon’s last munchie run. Note that he was not a cute 10-year-old.

On tips from AC, Bob Roberts, B1bbet, and KHarn.

31 Responses to “Witness Saw Little Angel Trayvon, Who Was High on Drugs, Beating George Zimmerman “MMA Style””

  1. thescribbler says:

    Trace amounts doesn’t mean he was high. From what
    I gather he was with his father that night because
    he had gotten in trouble for doing drugs a few
    days before.

    You might want to rethink the heading of this article.

  2. Fiberal says:

    So let me see if I understand this:

    Were it not for the “stand your ground” law, Zimmerman would probably be dead and St. Skittles would still be running around able to smoke dope, fight, burgle and menace.

    Freeing Zimmerman infuriates blacks bc of Skittle’s race, and a lot of blacks smoke dope, fight, burgle and menace.

    Therefore, we should repeal “stand your ground” laws.

    The consequence of doing this would be the removal of a legal means for a “get out of jail free” defense.

    This would leave even more law-abiding* whites who inadvertently come up against vicious blacks and other assorted criminals, defenseless.

    Now unless there’s something faulty in this logic, it would seem to me that rather than repeal “stand your ground” laws, it would be much more judicious to pass a national “get out of jail free” card with every bullet purchased.

    Or would that be racist?

    (Aware that survival probability in a max prison is negligible.)

  3. Drury says:

    Whether Skittles-boy was high or not is irrelevant. The evidence clearly points out that it was he who attacked Zimmerman. This is just another Duke Lacrosse case promoted by the leftist scum media in an effort to whip up their favorite pet minority group in time for 0bama’s re-erection campaign. My biggest concern is that Zimmy gets railroaded in the courts to appease political correctness, because evidence that is coming out now puts the blame squarely where it belongs: on Skittles-boy.

  4. wingmann says:

    “If Holder and the DOJ convict Zimmerman of anything in some kangaroo court, as they have indicated they intend to do, militias should muster. Zimmerman is a life-long Democrat, and I’m here to say that if that man is falsely imprisoned by this regime, every God-fearing American should take up arms and free him. I don’t care how he voted or who he gave money to. IT DOESN’T MATTER. Injustice against one is injustice against all”.

  5. Bob Roberts says:

    The pot is really a non-issue other than one aspect, perhaps.

    There is more than one active agent in pot. The most desired one produced a state of calm euphoria.

    Another can make one tense, nervous, paranoid.

    Which could account for the admitted behavior, as backed up by the 911 calls and his own call with his female friend, that night.

    The evidence I found interesting was the conclusion, based on forensic examination, that the gunshot was fired from within 1 to at most 18 inches, once again confirming a very close quarters action exactly as described by both Zimmerman and the one eyewitness that actually saw the struggle, quoted above.

  6. Bob Roberts says:

    wingmann says: May 18, 2012 at 12:06 pm
    Democrats take note – as with Saddam Hussein, once the party determines it is in the party’s best interest to throw you under the bus, even your life hangs in the balance.

    Doesn’t matter how faithful you are to the party.

    Doesn’t matter how much time, money or effort you gave.

    If the party or it’s leaders sees a political gain in giving you up, even killing you, you’re gone.

  7. Bob Roberts says:

    thescribbler says: May 18, 2012 at 11:10 am
    You are correct that finding trace amounts of pot, or it’s metabolites, does not conclusively prove one is high and so it’s possible the words chosen above tend towards hyperbole. However, the reporting on this is vague and therefore so inconclusive that it lends itself to misinterpretation in both directions.

    On the other hand, if you check the link Mr. Blount provided along with that interpretation of matters, you will find this quote:

    “Trayvon Martin had traces of marijuana in his system on the night he was killed”.

    I suspect that the reporting could be better – or did the report even give specifics that would help us determine if the “traces” were indicative of recent (i.e. earlier that evening) use or rather suggested use some time previously.

    You can bet the family will never tell us if he used pot right up to the night he died – which, if I consider ANY of the pot smokers I’ve known in my life (quite a few, actually – I was born and raised and live in CA), is really the ONLY logical conclusion, based on what we know.

    Your own statement, in fact, tends towards hyperbole based on previous published statements:

    “I gather he was with his father that night because
    he had gotten in trouble for doing drugs a few
    days before.”

    Wasn’t it that he was caught in school with a bag that had marijuana residue that suggested, but didn’t prove, that the bag had recently contained marijuana? He wasn’t actually caught with it, but was caught with evidence that suggested he had just had a quantity of pot. Rather than concluding he had used it, from his various tweets and other evidence, it might be more reasonable to conclude he had been selling it at or on the way to/in the vicinity of school.

  8. Rex Freeway says:

    A good lawyer will use a “trace” of pot and portray little crayon as a law breaker whom was under the influence of a controlled substance.

  9. Louisiana Steve says:

    “You might want to rethink the heading of this article.”
    If any rethinking needs to be done, then rethink arresting Zimmerman in the first place.

  10. Dr. 9 says:

    Right now, the MSM, and assorted professional race-pimps, are trying to make this story go away, since it’s become so obvious as to what they were attempting to do to Zimmerman. Their sudden quiet is deafening. But, i don’t believe the very racist DOJ will do the same. The Marxist-in-Chief “must” appease blacks in every and any way he can, now that he’s pissed them off with his gay marriage statement. So, he’ll have Holder feed them Zimmerman.

  11. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    Alan Dershovitz is still calling for charges to be dismissed against Zimmerman. From RealClearPolitics:

  12. Adam says:

    Um, maybe I missd something, but what is with all the Skittles- related references to Martin (i.e. calling him St. Skittles, Skittls boy, etc.)?

  13. Fiberal says:

    BO’s MSM’s “trace amount” would be “stoned out of his mind” if the races were reversed.

  14. Fiberal says:


    Just curious: do you have an opinion on this case?

  15. geeknerd says:

    Acquiting Se~nor Jorge Zimmerman is anti-black racism.
    Convicting Zimmerman is anti-Hispanic racism.
    WHERE ARE THE HISPANIC GROUPS? why are they silent?
    Because their white liberal masters tell them to shut up.

  16. Drury says:

    Adam: Re: Skittles references

    Ask Al Sharpton and his black community followers why they were waving bags of Skittles and cans of Arizona Ice Tea at all their mob protests regarding this case. You’ll have your answer. Or you could just Google it like most people do when they are curious about something.

  17. Red Dawn says:

    The legacy media is most certainly waging the same war against civilization being waged by the utopian/authoritarian/racialist leftists.

  18. Vic Thomas says:

    You’re certainly right that the media has zero cred at this point.

  19. Gunny G says:

    One less criminal n*gger to occupy a prison cell, to run up trial costs, PD costs, and hurt innocent victims.

    I am glad he is a corpse.

  20. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see courtroom antics taken to a new low
    Even so, for all the times we question the cumbersome, and often laughable nature of the judicial process, this case highlights the reason for this design
    “Discovery” is a bitch, isn’t it libs

  21. Sinister66 says:

    Drury says:
    It hasnt been proven who started the confrontation.

    According to one police report the whole thing could have been avoided if zimmerman had remained in his car.
    It would be interesting to find out why the title of this thread stated “travon was high on drugs” when nothing in the released reports says so.

    In fact the only one with any kind of a violent past is zimmerman. According to a past co-worker of zimmermans:

    “He had a temper and he became a liability. One time this woman was acting a little out of control. She was drunk. George lost his cool and totally overreacted.

    It was weird, because he was such a cool guy, but he got all nuts. He picked her up and threw her. It was pure rage. She twisted her ankle. Everyone was flipping out.”

    I believe he was working as a security guard/bouncer at that time.
    He was also arrested for assaulting a cop and luckily the charges were reduced.
    I dont know if the Temaezpam and Adderall zimmerman was taking had anything to do with anything. Dont know the side effects.

    My opinion on the court portion is Zimmerman will be found not guilty simply based on the fact nancy grace has already convicted him and she is basically a kook.

  22. FrankW says:

    I’ll be nice to Adam for a moment. The supposed purpose of martin’s visit to the convenience store was to get an iced tea and a bag of Skittles. Thus the St. Skittles references.
    It is far more likely that the purchased items were a sideline to casing the neighborhood for additional robberies.
    But I do believe that GZ was tactically guilty of something (no court just an After Action Report), no double tap. But I come from the school of “If a target is worth shooting once, it is worth shooting twice”, so I might be a bit biased.

  23. Darien says:

    I say again:
    – Following someone – legal
    – Carrying a legal firearm – legal
    – Assaulting someone for following you – ILLEGAL!
    – Shooting someone for attacking you – legal

    Free George Zimmerman!

  24. FrankW says:

    OK sin:
    Assume the following timeline for a moment.
    1 Kid buys candy at 7-11 –
    2 Kids walks thru neighborhood (in a manner others may find suspicious) –
    3 GZ sees kid (kid loosely matches description of thief in breakins in area)-
    4 GZ follows kid (from a reasonable distance)-
    5 GZ calls cops (hardly the actions of a deranged vigilante)-
    6 GZ loses sight of kid and returns towards vehicle –
    kid jumps out of hiding spot –
    7 Kid requests (I am being nice) to know why he is being followed –
    8 Fight ensues (after kid closes distance to GZ)-
    9 Kid is spotted (in full mount {I am a big MMA fan, so I know the term}) beating the crap out of GZ –
    10 Bullet presented as a gift to kid –

    Question you alluded to is “At which point did the confrontation occur”. Most sane people would logically conclude 7 or more likely 8. From your statement you are a fan of 3, 4, or 5.
    The whole thing could have been avoided if travy had just either stayed hidden or had continued on his way (or not been a violent thug/thief). This incident was brought to the critical mass due to the actions of martin. I am not and have never said GZ did not contribute (he was the trap, not the trigger). But (based on all available evidence) the incident was triggered by travy.

  25. Sinister66 says:

    FrankW says:

    “kid jumps out of hiding spot –
    7 Kid requests (I am being nice) to know why he is being followed –
    8 Fight ensues (after kid closes distance to GZ)”

    This, from what I have heard so far, is still speculation.

    “9 Kid is spotted (in full mount {I am a big MMA fan, so I know the term}) beating the crap out of GZ -”

    If martin was pummeling zimmerman you would think there would have been more damage to zimmermans face and martins hands. Granted zimmerman had a fractured nose and two black eyes which is consistant with the initial report of martin punching zimmerman in the face knocking him to the ground and practily knocking him out.
    Could it be possible after the initial blow zimmermans head bounce off of the pathway they were on when he fell.Zimmerman said his head was being bash off of the concrete yet the one picture of the injuries, while showing cuts, only shows what could be minor swelling or lumps. Rember zimmerman said his head was being slammed against the concrete so hard he was almost losing consciousness with each hit.
    The marks on martins hands arent consistant with a pummeling either. The report says there was one small mark on one knuckle. This is consistant with the report of the initial punch to zimmermans nose. Also being a big MMA fan as you say you are you would notice when someone is being hit from a mounted position they are struck at various parts of their face, especially to the side of the head.

    Zimmermans woulds were not consistant with a “ground and pound” attack.

    “The whole thing could have been avoided if travy had just either stayed hidden or had continued on his way (or not been a violent thug/thief). ”

    When was he being a thief?

  26. beforethestorm says:

    His buying skittles was supposed to show how young and innocent he was and how terrible a tragedy it was, as in….”He was just a poor little kid going to the store to buy skittles and iced tea during half-time in a game he was watching with his father. Then some evil white guy killed him for no reason.” Boo-hoo

  27. Sinister66 says:

    beforethestorm says:

    “His buying skittles was supposed to show how young and innocent he was and how terrible a tragedy it was”

    I was under the impression he bought them to eat.

  28. Joe Casepack says:

    High or not is besides the point. This story is a clearcut case of self-defense.

    The media focuses on the races of the two guys involved and turns it into a race war. All with Obama’s blessing for the kid “who looks like his son if he had one” or whatever the idiot said.

    It’s all part of the never-ending stream of distractions by Obama to keep people from talking about what a shit job he has done as President. This is the real point of this story.

  29. bobdog says:

    I wonder when it will come up that all of the thoughtful analysis we read about the Zimmerman “murder” case is pure speculation.

    Not even the defense attorney has been given full access to the state’s case, and the prosecuting attorney, by many accounts, is selectively ignoring some pretty compelling stuff that damages their case.

    The rest of the “facts” have come from the news media, cheap race hustlers, slimy politicians, and harumpfing bloggers, and most of them have prejudged the case. Frankly, the only reasonable account I’ve read from anybody that makes any sense at all is Alan Dershowitz, and the only facts on the table come from the original case report, the 911 recording, and the autopsy report. The rest is mostly hogwash, including the announcement that the Justice Department is considering charging Zimmerman with a hate crime, right after Zimmerman was arraigned. If that’s not blatantly prejudicial, I don’t know what is.

    I know where I come out on this case, and that is that Zimmerman was acting as a reasonable man under the circumstances, and that he was probably justified in trying to save his own life. But then again, I have to question my own biases. My facts come from the same media cesspool as everybody else.

    With all this pretrial publicity, it’s a fair question to ask whether it is even possible for Zimmerman to get a fair trial. It seems to me that nobody directly involved in this case is interested in the truth, with the possible exception of the local police. Where do you find an untainted jury pool? Alaska?

  30. FrankW says:

    Like I said sin, (based on all available evidence).
    You are right (almost) about the injuries not being consistent with ground and pound, most MMA fighters don’t end up with the broken nose. But then again skittles-boy is not exactly straight outta Dana Whites crib, is he? Does a persons head have to look like the makeup job from Rocky to satisfy your opinion of acceptable damage?
    As for the thief part it is my speculation (yes I said I speculated, based on skittles-boy’s past) he was casing the neighborhood, reconning his objectives. If GZ had not seen him maybe travy gets shot while doing a B&E instead of while doing his thug thizzle.
    I kinda agree with bobdog, I have based my opinion on the same media cesspool he has.

  31. Gary Kaplan says:

    Note: I’m a a 50 year pot fan.
    I think Trayvon was withdrawing from a chronic pot high. Pot surpressed anger for many and when you withdraw you walk around angry for a few days.
    Example: A good friend of mine if he stopped smoking pot would have a big fight with his bitchy wife.
    So Trayvon was walking around withdrawing and completing the evil’s done to blacks in this country. Zimmerman is very disrespectful and this his your best chance to practice the mixed martial style (mma), punches that you have spent 1000+ hours watching on TV, mostly stoned. In a mixed martial arts style punch you pull your fist back then punch in a roundhouse style getting your shoulder in for power.
    This murder could have been totally avoidable is Trayvon could legally smoke pot. He would have been mellowed out.

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