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Dec 10 2019

Woke Astronomy

The proponents of a totalitarian ideology will demand that everything else be subordinated to it, including science. With Soviet communism, this resulted in Lysenkoism. With political correctness, it results in lunacy like the duckspeak quacked by Lisa Kewley, Director, Australian Research Council Centre for Excellence in All-Sky Astrophysics in 3D, Australian National University.

Lisa is pleased with recent technological advances, but she wokely proclaims there is more to astronomy than better telescopes:

To extract the maximum benefit from the extraordinary power of these telescopes, we need to look beyond traditionally conservative hiring practices. …

We need to draw from the academic talent and insight to be found among LGBTIQA+ astronomers, Indigenous astronomers, disabled astronomers, chronically ill astronomers, and astronomers who hail from non-Western cultures.

Science is still coasting on a culture that evolved among European Christians in the Middle Ages. If we started over from scratch now, astronomy would consist of squinting at the stars with the naked eye, proclaiming theories based on feelings, and choosing the most oppressed person’s opinion as fact.

On a tip from Steve T.

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