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Aug 27 2021

Woke Soldier Eager to Shoot Americans

Immediately upon taking his position, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin proclaimed a military stand-down for an ideological purge of those who may not be on board with the authoritarian left’s fundamental transformation of America. The purpose was to finish the work begun by Obama’s purge of the officer corps. If Democrats succeed, the only people left in the military will sound like this sergeant:

Democrats openly push an agenda likely to lead to another civil war (e.g., seizing unconstitutional federal control of elections to reduce them to farces, packing the Supreme Court). They do this because they expect to win, since they control the military and have been systematically subverting it. A victory would allow them to move directly to a postconstitutional Marxist system of government, with those deemed likely to resist incarcerated in gulags.

The humiliating defeat in Afghanistan has taught them nothing about asymmetrical warfare. So long as Americans are clear on who the enemy is, we will defeat it — and Democrats have been making it vividly clear.

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