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Feb 18 2021

Wokeness Is Job Qualification for Chemistry Instructor

Political correctness is now the primary qualification for any job — even chemistry instructor:

Portland Community College is hiring a “culturally responsive” chemistry instructor who has the “ability” to develop a “culturally responsive curriculum.”

According to the job posting, the position is meant to “diversify the college’s faculty and advance our efforts towards achieving equitable student success.”

Equitable student success would mean the same outcome for all students, all variation in their aptitude and effort having been leveled in the name of moonbattery. Literally, it would mean giving all students the same grade. Since C is supposed to be average, give everyone a C and your job as an instructor is finished. Any knowledge of chemistry that the teacher might be able to impart to students is superfluous.

But applicants do have to hold the correct politics if they want to get the job:

[T]he ideal candidate is supposed to understand “structural privileges/inequalities and how they impact educational practices; empowers learners to analyze and overcome the effect of institutional bias/inequality.”

The posting also requests that those who apply understand the differences “between prejudice, discrimination, and racism and how they operate at the interpersonal, intergroup, and institutional levels.”

Maybe a degree in sociology isn’t such a waste of time after all. You might need one to get a job as a chemistry instructor.

You can see why public schools focus on leftist indoctrination rather than teaching students to read. They are preparing the next generation for the job market.

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