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Feb 15 2020


Brace yourself for a jarring experience. Paul Joseph Watson ushers us into Woketopia so as to bring us up to date on current events in the alternate reality inhabited by moonbats:

To recap:

• Orange Man bad.

Shoplifting has become progressive.

• Traditional marriage is now regarded as comparable to sexual slavery imposed by ISIS.

• It is still “brave” to publicly announce your devotion to sexual perversion.

• A woman making breakfast for her husband is grounds for public shaming.

• Diversity means no white people even in white countries.

• Feminism and moral degeneracy have made birthrates plummet.

• The commies of Rage Against the Machine are having a comeback concert at Capital One Arena.

• Celebrities have predictably begun announcing that they are homosexual even when they probably are not.

• The environmentalist movement stands accused of being too full of white people.

• The world in general is considered to be too full of white people.

• White liberals literally kiss the boots of militant black supremacists.

• Scandinavia is proclaimed to have no native culture.

• Liking classical architecture means being Hitler.

• Simping surpasses coronavirus as a pandemic.

• Those who identify with left-wing beliefs are more likely to have been diagnosed with a mental illness.

It is clearly in your best interests to avoid Woketopia. Unfortunately, this nightmare realm intrudes ever more aggressively into the real world.

On tips from Kate P and KirklesWorth.

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