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Jan 08 2019

Woman Charged for Slapping Migrant Who Molested Her

Islamic colonists have established a tradition of sexually molesting any European women who dare venture outdoors on New Year’s Eve. This enriching aspect of multiculturalism is known as Colognization, due to some of the most outrageous excesses occurring in Cologne. Encouragingly, authorities are finally doing something about it other than handing out Respect bracelets. They are bringing down the force of law. Oh wait…

A Swiss woman has been charged with assault after slapping an Afghan migrant who allegedly groped her during a New Year’s Eve street party.

The incident occurred at City Hall in Vienna, Austria. The unnamed 21-year-old whacked the migrant hard enough to break his nose. Kudos.

Looks like chivalry is not quite dead, even in demasculinized, Islamized Europe:

After news of the charges against her were made public, a wealthy Swiss businessman has stepped in with an offer to pay the fine on her behalf.

The gallant businessman is former MP Christoph Blocher, who has been a major figure in the conservative Swiss People’s Party. Many more like him — and like the nose-breaker — are needed if Europe is to be saved.

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