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Nov 05 2019

Women’s Cricket Falls to Transsexual Agenda

The transsexual agenda has destroyed women’s cycling, rugby, weightlifting, track, handball, football, wrestling, mixed martial arts, and basketball. Now it destroys women’s cricket. Via Kent Online:

Maxine Blythin was recognised as the 2019 Kent Women Player of the Year following her [sic] role in the team’s County Championship triumph.

The towering Maxine Blythin is a man. He doesn’t even deform himself in his attempt to prove otherwise. Via Breitbart:

Blythin has not met the lower testosterone levels required for the British national cricket team.

It appears he spares himself not only demasculinizing drugs but also sexual mutilation. There is no need for either, because, “all transgender players have to do is make the claim that they are women and they are allowed to play as women just on their say-so.”

Not everyone likes it that women’s sports have been reduced to a farce to placate bullying perverts. Dr Nicola Williams is director of Fair Play for Women. She sounds off, via Daily Mail:

“Opening up the women’s game to cross-dressing males who do nothing more than ‘identify as a woman’ shows utter contempt for the women’s game.

“The ECB [England and Wales Cricket Board] say they are proud of their ‘inclusive policy’ when in reality this policy will exclude women from their own game.”

Careful, Dr Williams. Keep talking like that and you might be denied healthcare.

On a tip from Henry B.

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