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Mar 08 2017

Women’s Lit Class Inspires Michigan Student to Self-Harm, Hate Hoax

Mental illness and moonbattery are natural partners. But when they team up, the results are always unfortunate:

Halley Bass [age 21] admitted in court that she fabricated a story about a strange man scratching her face in downtown Ann Arbor on Nov. 15.

“I was suffering from depression at the time,” Bass told Judge Elizabeth Pollard Hines. “I made a superficial scratch on my face. It was visible and I was embarrassed about what I’d done. So I made up a story and told a friend that a stranger had done it while I was walking. I was encouraged to report it to the police. I made the mistake of doing that.”

As is the case for so many false reports, political propagandizing was a primary motive:

At the time, Bass claimed her attack was part of the [supposed] surge in hate crimes following the election of Donald Trump a week earlier. She told police she was targeted for wearing a solidarity pin connected to Great Britain’s “Brexit” vote.

Here’s how she explained her solidarity pin to the police, after claiming a 45-year-old white guy scratched her:

“The significance of the safety pins is that … to sort of like to show a solidarity with immigrants who feel threatened by Brexit. Um … but now it’s … for people who feel threatened by president elect, Trump’s his name … Um so it was, it was to show, yeah, solidarity with the people like we show your fear and we want to help you get through it.”

After the police wasted their valuable time scouring surveillance footage to check out her story, and thereby found it to be fake, the hate hoaxer confessed:

Bass admitted to scratching her own face with the pin after becoming upset during a Woman’s Literature class at the University of Michigan, according to the Ann Arbor Police Department report. …

“I had been in a discussion in my women’s lit weirdly and there were a few people in my class that sort of said some things that scared me,” she said. “…It was more like I wanted a concrete reason to be scared then to just talk, I guess.”

A piece mentioned earlier, linking millennial moonbattery to mental illness, may shed light on this story.

Hate Hoax List inductee Halley Bass in court.

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29 Responses to “Women’s Lit Class Inspires Michigan Student to Self-Harm, Hate Hoax”

  1. WMD says:

    That’s a chick?
    It looks like Steven Crowder to me.
    No offense to Crowder, I like his vids.

  2. SkankHunt42 says:

    That’s a SHE?

  3. Heltau says:

    yes, that IS a libturd broad to get accurate on what it is.

  4. Charlotte Wiggs says:

    Maybe she scratched her face to punish it for being so ugly…my goodness.

  5. swimologist says:

    Stop pulling our leg. Clearly, that’s a man

  6. EVERYDAY PRESIDENT ☆ ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ says:

    Chelsea Clinton just came up with a way to cure Barbra Streisand of her pancake binges!


  7. EVERYDAY PRESIDENT ☆ ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ says:

    Not a man, a pajama boy.

  8. chris black says:

    Being a victim is the highest calling for a liberal, even if they have to fake it.

  9. Silence Dogood says:

    Put the toad in jail for a month. That will make her think twice about pulling this crap again.

  10. 762x51 says:

    Scratched or did it get a double backward forward with an ugly stick?

  11. Jester says:

    Umm…. yeah. Am I the only one who notices that THAT is obviously NOT a GIRL? Or am I just crazy? I’ll shut up if I’m the only one.

  12. Mack says:

    In my class today we studied Louis L’Amour’s sonnet, “Lines to a Season.” No one complained that it is written by a man, or that mature, intelligent responses were expected.

  13. Momster says:

    Think MB put the wrong photo with this article. I see only two men.

  14. Momster says:

    She couldn’t just say it was a cat or tree branch that scratched her face, or that she scratched herself accidentally….ooohh noooooo. It had to be an evil person that got upset with her bexit pin. When a libturd lies it has to fit an agenda.

  15. Dr Why says:

    What, he’s wearing a dress?

  16. cieran58 says:

    Rachel Madcows younger sister?

  17. ICEvictim says:

    I wager she’s piled up $150,000 in “education” loans that she’ll never be able to pay off. Her future career in fast food is being preempted by kiosks and robots.

    all federal money needs to be removed from “education”. All it produces is oxygen wasters like this one.

  18. ICEvictim says:

    she’s all wrapped up in victimhood that blinds her to anything else. Consider the course she was in when she felt scared.

  19. Momster says:

    Sibling of indeterminate gender.

  20. Troy McClure says:

    Jazz’s first squeeze

  21. Hungjumper says:

    That’s a woman?

  22. IMPACT1 says:

    Dam…that’s a Woman???

  23. Juliabbelmonte says:

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  24. TED says:


  25. Roger says:

    She can actually (legally) get 3-months in the calaboose Plus a substan tial fine, eh ?

  26. Roger says:

    LibTURD Dyke, eh ?

  27. Tim from Montana says:

    Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics only please. Maybe Medicine. All other disciplines should be eliminated from federal funding.

  28. ChiTowndemrevenuestream says:

    she shoulda used an axe instead of a safety pin

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