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Oct 14 2019

Word “Triggered” Triggers NY Times Moonbat

According to the primary organ of the Ministry of Truth (i.e., the New York Times), the word “triggered” is a tool of the Alt Right. The word has triggered a moonbat named Joanna Schroeder, who devotes an op ed to warning other parents that their white sons could be led astray by online thought criminals.

Her own sons are not immune…

The first sign was a seemingly innocuous word, used lightheartedly: “triggered.”

As my 11- and 14-year-old sons and their friends talked and bantered — phones in hand, as always — in the back seat of the car, one of them shouted it in response to a meme, and they all laughed uproariously.

I almost lost control of the car. That’s because I know that word — often used to mock people who are hurt or offended by racism as overly sensitive — is a calling card of the alt-right, which the Anti-Defamation League defines as “a segment of the white supremacist movement consisting of a loose network of racists and anti-Semites who reject mainstream conservatism in favor of politics that embrace implicit or explicit racism, anti-Semitism and white supremacy.” People associated with this group are known for trolling those who disagree with them, and calling critics “triggered” is a favorite tactic.

If she is going to take the ADL’s barking seriously, she had better also be on the lookout for her kids making the okay sign.

The piece goes on to reveal that PragerU “is not an accredited university but a propaganda machine that introduces viewers to extremist views via video.” No wonder YouTube and Facebook give PragerU such a hard time.

In actuality, PragerU videos provide commonsense arguments in favor of a moderate conservative viewpoint. Having watched dozens of them, I have never seen anything controversial or even remotely representative of the Alt Right.

Speaking of innocuous moderates, Jordan Peterson is denounced as a gateway drug leading to thoughtcrime, “whose conservative perspectives on feminism and gender are very popular among young men and often are a path to more extreme content and ideologies.” He is said to be a member of the sinister “intellectual dark web.”

The author is also triggered by the term “snowflake,” which she describes like this:

An insult embraced by moderate conservatives and the alt-right alike, it’s used to dismiss people who complain about racism, sexism or homophobia as laughably delicate.

For example, a snowflake is someone who might be triggered by the word “triggered” into almost crashing her car.

On a tip from robbanks. Hat tip: VDare.

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