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May 31 2019

Work Experience Downgraded

We must clearly establish the exact hierarchy of the oppressed victim caste system, so that human resources departments know who to hire. They can’t go by prior work experience. Chad Van Iddekinge is a Professor of Management at Florida State University. He says work experience is bunk:

“Previous work experience generally is not a good indicator of how well employees perform in a new organization,” Van Iddekinge said. “Our research found a very small relationship between the amount or type of experience that employees possessed when they came into a new organization and how they ultimately performed in that job. There’s almost no relationship in most cases.”

This revelation might help reduce heathcare costs. Why pay extra for an experienced surgeon? Grab the otherly abled Afro-American transsexual infinifat who used to sweep floors at a veterinarian’s office. Save money and score big on intersectional righteousness points, since experience doesn’t matter anyway.

Hold on…

“We’re not saying experience is not important in every situation,” Van Iddekinge said. “But we think there are better ways to measure pre-hire experience that may be more productive. Don’t ignore experience, but the way employers measure it now does not appear to be very effective.”

What a relief. For a moment, I thought moonbattery was having the same effect on human resources management that it has had on everything else.

Actually, it is having the same effect. Even if unfairly, this study will be used as further evidence that conventional qualifications are irrelevant.

On a tip from Jester.

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