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Jun 10 2019

World Naked Bike Ride Underscores Seriousness of Global Warming

Moonbats have figured out how to get people to take the global warming hoax seriously: ride around on bicycles naked.

Buck naked cyclists took to the streets on Sunday to expose the dangers of climate change, as part of the 2019 World Naked Bike Ride.

The only danger this spectacle exposed is that if the climate gets warm enough, these moonbats might not put their clothes back on.

According to the World Naked Bike Ride website, 70 cities in 20 countries hold WNBR-affiliated events for those passionate about baring it all when it comes to the environment.

Since riding around on a bicycle naked isn’t foolish enough by itself to suit moonbats,

Some riders donned capes while other[s] wore top hats and inflatable wings strapped to their backs.

Others still painted their bodies with colorful markings, with one person using her back as a canvas to draw attention to the #MeToo movement, writing the phrase amid purple swirls.

A girl publicly presenting herself naked probably makes some kind of point regarding the sexist objectification of women.

One man in Chicago painted his back with the words, ‘low emission vehicle,’ and an arrow pointing down.

Speaking of emissions, I hope they cleaned their bike seats afterward.

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