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Aug 22 2019

Wrist Slap for Subjecting Baby to Vegan Diet

The scariest thing about moonbats is that they often mean well. That’s why they never tire of inflicting their malevolent ideology; they think they are doing good. This may also help them to avoid serious legal consequences. An example is the Australian couple who got community service for putting their daughter on a vegan diet that could have robbed her of the opportunity to live a normal life:

A Sydney vegan couple who had their three children taken away from them after police found their 20-month-old girl was severely malnourished and suffering from rickets have avoided jail over the neglect of their child.

The girl was described as “floppy,” unable to speak or crawl. A vitamin D level so low as to be “undetectable” probably caused the rickets.

The couple was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment, however they will not have to spend time behind bars with the sentence in the form of an intensive correction order. Both will undertake 300 hours community service.

Their baby daughter weighed just 4.89kg, looked like a three-month-old and had no teeth when she was taken into care.

They were keeping her alive on oats and vegetables, presumably for the good of the climate or the animals or whatever.

Both parents cried in the courtroom, the father sobbing loudly, as if somehow they were the victims. The judge should have given them 10 years of hard labor for that alone.

What are their names, you ask? We don’t get to know. For “legal reasons” — i.e., to protect the guilty.

It is widely known that vegan diets are particularly harmful to children. A human being cannot develop properly without a proper human diet. Yet vegans insist that children grow on sheer moonbattery. The results are tragic.

Hat tips: Liberty Daily, Epoch Times.

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