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Sep 06 2019

Writer Rebecca Makkai Says Any Red Hat Is Bad

You wouldn’t wave a red flag in front of a dyspeptic bull, would you? So why wear a red hat in front of a moonbat? When utopia has been achieved, it won’t be allowed.

Via Fox News:

An author who has been a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award received backlash on Twitter after likening President Trump’s red “Make America Great Again” hats to the Nazi swastika — and urging “normal people” (i.e., non-Trump voters) to avoid wearing any type of red hat, saying they’d be “making people scared” by doing so.

Normal people? Looks like liberals are coopting the word “normal” to mean its opposite, just like they did with the word “liberal.”

The Chicago-based author, Rebecca Makkai, 41, made the remarks in a string of tweets beginning over the weekend and carrying into early this week. She also asked sports fans whose teams wear red hats — such as the Cincinnati Reds, Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals — not to don that specific color cap in public.

It goes without saying that it is beyond the pale to express a right-of-center point of view. Now we learn that it could be a thought crime even to inadvertently remind moonbats that alternatives to their viewpoint exist.

Given how quickly the Philadelphia Flyers sacrificed Kate Smith to the “liberal” mob, don’t be surprised if the Phillies change their uniform so that no moonbats are reminded of MAGA hats and made to feel “unsafe,” as Makkai puts it.

Speaking of unsafe, wearing an actual MAGA hat in public often results in being violently assaulted. Even wearing a hat that looks like a MAGA hat has triggered violence from progressives.

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