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Apr 13 2020

Wuhan Coronavirus Fat Shames

Why not call it the Wuhan coronavirus, even if the thought police deem that name politically incorrect? As Spectator USA reveals, the virus itself is politically incorrect.

It is transphobic for instigating limits on nonessential surgeries, forcing transsexuals to wait before having themselves surgically deformed into frightful parodies of the opposite sex.

It is homophobic for being more likely to kill those with unhealthy lifestyles, including heavy-smoking and HIV-spreading gays.

It is misogynist for forcing women to spend time at home with their families.

It is xenophobic for causing illegal aliens to self-deport rather than risk infection at detention centers.

Furthermore, it engages in body shaming by discriminating against the overweight. Obesity can lead to diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

[T]he CDC reported 78 percent of coronavirus patients in intensive care units had underlying health conditions that prominently included diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Another link between obesity and COVID-19 mortality is high blood pressure.

Stand by for more political incorrectness:

You don’t catch diabetes from a handshake. To acknowledge personal lifestyle choices and cultural differences is the ultimate blasphemy of progressive doctrine. Imagine if, instead of spending millions of the rapidly-depleting state budget on a ‘COVID-19 racial disparity task force’, as kooky Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer announced this week, she frankly told the public it all comes down to personal lifestyle choices — eat well and exercise and you’ll probably survive the next one.

This attitude constitutes fat shaming. A Procter & Gamble ad may help to push such thoughtcrime out of your head:

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