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Mar 24 2020

Wuhan Virus Could Save Lives in Texas

Ohio isn’t the only place where the Wuhan virus could end up saving more lives than it ends. There is Texas too, thanks to Governor Greg Abbott:

Abbott issued a statewide order Sunday to curb the use of medical supplies hospitals will need as they prepare for escalating infections in the spreading of COVID-19. The order bars hospitals from performing surgeries unless the patient faces an immediate risk for “serious adverse medical consequences or death, as determined by the patient’s physician.”

An Abbott spokesman confirmed that would cover abortion in most cases while the order is in place until April 21.

Perspective again:

In 2017, 55,440 abortions were provided in Texas…

That comes to 4,620 per month. So far there have been nine Wuhan virus mortalities in Texas. Despite the hysteria, COVID-19 has a long way to go to catch up with abortion.

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