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Sep 07 2022

You Will Shiver in the Dark and You Will Be Happy

Look out — the authorities are flattening the curve again, just like they did in the early days of Covid:

Wind and solar don’t work except in moronic moonbat daydreams. Russia has had enough with the sanctions and won’t bail them out anymore. Eurocrats can either drop the climate crap and adopt policies friendly to the production of efficient energy, or they can command the peasants to shiver in the dark. For them, the choice is easy.

Regular people have a choice too; they can have energy or they can have moonbattery. They cannot have both. Choosing the former may entail overthrowing an entire ruling class.

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.


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One Response to “You Will Shiver in the Dark and You Will Be Happy”

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