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Feb 16 2020

YouTube Deplatforms Nick Fuentes

This will come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with Nick Fuentes and with Google/YouTube’s contempt for free speech:

YouTube has terminated Nick Fuentes’ YouTube channel for “multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting hate speech.”

The channel had over 76,000 subscribers when it was removed…

Fuentes’ message and tactics have limited appeal, but like the rest of us, he has a right to his point of view. His America First movement has played a valuable role in reminding conservatives not to take the easy path by succumbing to a wishy-washy moderate mentality that at best slows down progressives rather than stopping them and reversing their gains.

If no one is willing to risk getting branded as a thought criminal, we are left with “Conservative Inc” — i.e., a controlled opposition that is a wholly owned subsidiary of the liberal establishment, and that serves to enforce the limits of permissible thought, as dictated by the high priests of political correctness.

Google/YouTube is a private company that theoretically exists to make a profit. It does not profit by first demonetizing and now banning a channel with 76,000 subscribers. However, like Hollywood, Google is about leftist ideology first, profits afterward.

The Iconoclast is not happy:

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