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Mar 25 2019

YouTube Vegan Community Collapse

About 3% of the American population has joined the unhealthy cult that is veganism. That is enough to have produced a large vegan YouTube community, driven by the enjoyment vegans derive from public displays of moonbat righteousness. The Daily Beast reports that this community is crumbling:

Last Sunday, a five-second video clip of vegan YouTuber Yovana Mendoza single-handedly brought down the luminous 28-year-old’s entire career. In it, you can see the raw food advocate, who goes by the name “Rawvana,” smiling at a restaurant in Bali as she prepares to tuck into her meal. But in an instant, the health guru’s face changes, as she realizes her friend’s camera is trained on her plate. She moves to cover it, but it’s too late.

On the plate lay a piece of forbidden fish. Eating fish is a crime against the animals, according to veganism.

Mendoza rushed to upload a video claiming she had only been eating fish for two months, as a remedy to the health complications she developed after six years as a vegan. But the damage was done.

She isn’t the only YouTube vegan evangelist to give up on veganism for health reasons.

In a Jan. 14 video titled “Why I’m No Longer Vegan,” YouTuber Bonny Rebecca set the tone for a mass of defections to come: rambling, half-hour-long videos in which the former herbivores apologize to their fans and breathlessly explain the health issues that caused them to start eating meat. In Bonny Rebecca’s case, it was the extreme digestive issues that the 26-year-old says led to bacterial imbalances in her gut and caused her boyfriend, fellow vegan YouTuber SlimLikeTim, to drop more than 30 pounds. …

Stella Rae … announced she was quitting veganism due to bloating and digestive issues. Tim Shieff, a YouTube star and former vegan athlete, declared that he ejaculated for the first time in months after eating raw eggs and salmon.

It would be nice to think that the immolation of profitable YouTube careers was not for nothing — that at least their former viewers would be forewarned to start eating a normal human diet before they suffer health consequences themselves. But instead of realizing that they had made a mistake by taking dietetic advice from people whose moonbat diets made them sick, vegans have reacted by attacking the apostates viciously, calling them horrible names, suggesting they should kill themselves, et cetera.

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