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Jun 19 2019

Zindzi Mandela Splashes Gasoline

The legacy of communist terrorist Nelson Mandela and his torturing, murdering wife Winnie is carried forth by their daughter Zindzi Mandela, currently South Africa’s ambassador to Denmark:

#TheLandIsOurs means the land that was developed by Afrikaners is being claimed by the descendants of people who came mostly from other parts of Africa to get a piece of the wealth the Afrikaners created. Those who really do own the land will be dispensed with.

In case her festering hostility did not come across, she followed up with this the same day:

This sort of rhetoric is not unusual among politicians in post-Apartheid South Africa. Regarding the increasingly common murder of white farmers, which frequently entails nightmarish extremes of torture, it is gasoline on the flames.

The political parties Economic Freedom Fighters and Black First Land First have set aside their rivalry to unite in support of Mandela. The liberal media backs her too.

Everyone knows what will happen when whites are driven off their land. Weeds will flourish and the population will starve. We went down the same road after the Breadbasket of Africa became Zimbabwe.

Leftists will not rest until the entire human population consists of fly-covered savages crawling in the dust.

On tips from ABC of the ANC.

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