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Sep 25 2023

Zyahna Bryant Monetizes Obesity Still More

Militant racist Zyahna Bryant — who ruined the life of Morgan Bettinger for being white — has monetized her morbid obesity via cultural Marxism by presenting it as an oppressed identity. Dove is driving away costumers with sensitive stomachs by presenting this monstrosity as the face of its products. Thanks to the willful stupidity of liberals, the greedy Zyahna is wringing still more cash from being fat:

An online fundraiser has been launched to pay for security for Black Lives Matter activist Zyahna Bryant — whose partnership with Dove to promote “fat liberation” sparked controversy after she was accused of getting a white student expelled over “misheard” comments.

Zyahna’s whole schtick is to pretend to be a victim. Now we are told her life is at risk because racism and fatphobia. So pony up to show what a devout liberal you are. Others have:

The GoFundMe — which had raised nearly $10,000 by Sunday – was created last week by Erica Chapman, a Charlottesville, Virginia, woman who claims she is Bryant’s cousin.

Zyahna claims to have received threats.

The nature of the threats against Bryant was unclear. It also wasn’t known was kind of security measures she may be receiving.

Reads the pitch:

“Please help Zyahna’s friends and family support her by ensuring she’s SAFE and protected as she continues her important work assisting and elevating marginalized people and communities.”

Moonbats and their money are easily parted, as the fortune that was flushed down Black Lives Matter and into oblivion testifies. This is fine, when they limit the politically motivated profligacy to their own money. Usually, they use Big Government to waste ours.

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