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Jul 24 2022

$1.8 Billion Jackpot for NYC Teachers of Color Who Failed

Even as students pass through public schools without learning to read and write, taxpayers are bled white by the looting spree that is public education:

Thousands of former Black and Latino teachers in New York City stand to collect an astonishing $1.8 billion in damages after the city stopped fighting a decades-long discrimination lawsuit which alleged that a licensing test that teachers were formerly required to pass was biased.

When leftists sue a government run by leftists, jackpot justice is a foregone conclusion.

Between 1990 and 2014, New York State required all public school teachers to pass a Liberal Arts and Sciences Test in order to maintain their teaching license. In 1996, a group of minority teachers and prospective educators filed a lawsuit to abolish the testing requirement, citing a disparity in passage rates between white and minority test-takers.

According to liberal ideology, if whites do better on a test, then the test is racist. To suggest that those who score poorly are less qualified would be — you guessed it — racist.

Those blessed with the good fortune to be oppressed by racism get to loot the rest of us via the government.

Under the settlement just reached, the city has already given payouts totaling $835 million, with up to another billion potentially in play.

That’s how much you get for flunking a test. There is no cash reward for passing the test. Liberalism rewards failure, not success — unless you count this as success:

Sylvia Alvarez … will receive $1.1 million after failing the test ten times and ultimately losing her job. Another former teacher, Theodore Regis, who lost his teaching job after failing the test five times, “earned” himself a payout of $1.2 million.

It’s no wonder that students can’t pass meaningful tests, if the teachers themselves are not expected to pass them.

As far back as the 2018-19 academic year, per-pupil spending in the city was $28,004, by far the highest among the nation’s 100 largest school systems. By 2022, according to the New York Post, it had risen to $34,900 per pupil, a growth rate of more than twice the inflation figure from 2000-2021.

Yet no matter how much money is wasted, NYC public schools are a failure, due to the liberal ideology that suffuses them.

The few who can, escape to charter schools:

Eighth graders in New York’s largest charter-school network, Success Academy, recently excelled in four of the five Regent exams that are required for graduation from high school. The students’ overall pass rates on all the exams were a stunning 93% or higher.

However, in a country run by moonbats, failing tests is more advantageous than passing them.

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