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Jul 17 2023

37% of US Attack Subs Out of Commission

Here’s some encouraging news — if you are Xi Jinping:

On June 16, 2023, a date which will live in infamy, the Pearl Harbor base featured the story of Lt. Nick Grant, an “out gay cisgender man” who was a co-chair of the Naval Medical Force Pacific Transgender Care Team (NMFP TGCT).

The title of the Pride Month feature was “serving with pride”.

The purpose of a US Navy transgender care team is to help sailors transition to make-believe members of the opposite sex.


In 2017, 28% of submarines were out of commission. By 2022, it was 33%, and now it’s 37%. At the rate that the woke Naval brass are going, most subs will soon be out of order. …

If only the Navy could repair subs as quickly as its transgender care teams castrate sailors.

It is America in general that liberals have been castrating.

The Navy doesn’t focus all of its attention on promoting perversion and sexual psychosis. The other major priorities are racial favoritism and the global warming hoax:

The Navy’s 2023 budget wastes $718 million on fighting global warming.

There is no evidence that any amount of our money wasted by the Navy will have a measurable impact on the climate — but plenty of evidence that the ChiComs will begin filling the power vacuum by annexing Taiwan.

They won’t stop there.

On the bright side, when Chinese conquerors come to our shores, they will make Pride Month stop.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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