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Sep 27 2022

A Portrait in Transsexualized Childhood

As prophet of progressivism Vladimir Lenin preached, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.” One shattered egg is the teenage girl who wrote this after her future had been canceled:

Im a 17 year old girl with a flat chest, a deep voice, a visible Adam’s apple and some facial hair. There’s no reason for me to continue to live. I destroyed my life and I feel like all hope I have is stupid for me to have. I don’t think any person will ever wanna date me. Before all this people were into me but I destroyed that.

She agreed to be sexually mutilated at age 14 by having her breasts surgically removed. Fiends in white coats also deformed her developmentally by putting her on testosterone.

I was just a kid and I would have needed someone to help me accept myself but my therapist didn’t question my “transness.” I can’t stop thinking about the life I could have had.

Family is in the crosshairs of the sort of social engineers who did this to her. Now, the only thing keeping her alive is love for her mother.

She stopped me the first time from transitioning but the second time she was also brainwashed and sadly thought that when all these professionals say it’s the right thing to let your kid transition then it must be the right thing. She thinks it’s all her fault but it isn’t. I wanna kill myself but then she will feel even more miserable. How can I kill myself and let her know that I want her to be happy.

Her mother, like herself, was led astray by people we have been conditioned to trust.

How can I learn to accept that I can’t go back in time and undo my transition? … How can I stop being angry at the so called “professionals” that allowed me to go on hormones and have top surgery this young?

Since the days of Woodrow Wilson, progressives have dreamed of imposing a technocracy under which we are ruled by experts who know what’s best for us. As with Covid, if there is a silver lining to the horrific crimes against nature and against humanity that have been inflicted in the name of the LGBT agenda, it is that we now understand that The Experts cannot be trusted.

My remorse is tremendous. … I can’t imagine that I will ever be happy again. … I just want to live my life as a normal girl.

That possibility has been denied her on behalf of the agenda.

I miss my old voice and my old body. I see girls my age and I can’t put in words how extremely jealous I am that they can just be happy in their body.

The last thing our ruling class wants is for us to be happy with ourselves. Instilling self-alienation and self-hatred is at the root of both LGBT and CRT ideology.

She ends with a desperate plea:

Any detrans people here that can give me hope that one day I can be happy again?

This cry of grief and horror was picked up from Reddit and tweeted. As noted at Not the Bee,

Twitter put a “sensitive” content warning on the tweet because it contains two screenshots from Reddit where a girl who has been mutilated to look like a man writes about how she has nothing to live for because she feels like a freak of nature.

Instagram is giving Giorgia Meloni the same “sensitive content” treatment, for a similar reason. Before long, social media posts that do not support the liberal agenda will be censored completely.

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