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Apr 12 2024

A Very Special Person Proclaims Her Pronouns

Transsexuals pretend to be something they objectively are not, then attempt to bully everyone else into complying with the sick farce. This makes them very special persons. You don’t think so? Just ask one:

She gets plural pronouns because she’s not a single woman. She’s a “very special nonbinary trans person.” Those who are less special are expected to display obeisance to her by sacrificing good taste, the English language, and reality itself on her behalf.

Who would have guessed that very special nonbinary trans person Shivani Dave is a journalist? Kudos to TalkTV host Julia Harley-Brewer for not knuckling under.

They went on to discuss the Cass review:

The Cass review follows Dr Hillary Cass’s research which found that there was no evidence to support the prescription of puberty blockers to those under 18.

On the contrary, there is plenty of evidence that those who inflict sex change procedures on children deserve long prison sentences.

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