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Aug 09 2022

Academia Goes Beyond Mental Masturbation

To see the effect moonbattery has on everything it corrupts, turn to academia, which has succumbed to it completely. Masturbating to homosexual cartoon kiddie porn now literally qualifies as scholarship.

From the actual abstract from a scholarly paper that appeared in Qualitative Research:

I wanted to understand how my research participants experience sexual pleasure when reading shota, a Japanese genre of self-published erotic comics that features young boy characters. I therefore started reading the comics in the same way as my research participants had told me that they did it: while masturbating. In this research note, I will recount how I set up an experimental method of masturbating to shota comics…

Academia can afford to indulge in this sort of uselessness because it is extravagantly subsidized by taxpayers. The pernicious lunacy will cost us even more after Biden et al. “forgive” student loans.

The author is Karl Andersson, a PhD student at the University of Manchester. His area of expertise is “how fans of subcultural comics in Japan experience desire and think about sexual identities.”

David Thompson comments:

Oddly, there’s no mention of an obvious issue, to which one might suppose an enquiring mind might turn. As I understand it, the protagonists in shota are very often pre-pubescent. That this detail doesn’t appear to have concerned Mr Andersson, or his peers and supervisors, possibly tells us something about the academic circles in which he moves. Presumably, this kind of contrived edginess is itself found titillating. Sort of, “Ooh, aren’t we terribly daring. How sophisticated we are.”

Moonbattery — or to use a popular euphemism, “liberalism” — is degeneracy. It is reducing the world to something not worth living in.

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