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Apr 02 2024

Adidas Bans the Number 44

The need to ban is fundamental to moonbats. The moonbats running a German corporation have even started banning numbers:

Adidas has banned football fans from buying German football kits customised with the number 44, after media raised their resemblance to the symbol used by World War Two-era Nazi SS units.

If you want it to, “44” can look like “SS”.

SS units were the most responsible for the crimes against humanity committed by the Nazis.

You know, like surgically mutilating children to turn them into perverts. Just kidding; Nazis were sick but not that sick.

Baseball greats Henry Aaron and Reggie Jackson, who both wore the number 44, have now been exposed as Nazi sympathizers.

They should have just banned the letter “S”. Maybe that’s next.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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