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May 22 2022

Alex Ray Scott Changes Gender After Arrest for Murder

The strategy worked in California for James Tubbs, the child molester who got himself sent to a facility for girls by proclaiming that he no longer identifies as a man (Tubbs was later charged with murder). Looks like it will work for Alex Ray Scott in New York:

Prison records now list the 6-foot-tall, 190-pound Scott as “female,” and indicate that she [sic] is being housed at Rikers Island’s Rose M. Singer Center for female detainees.

At the time of her [sic] arrest in Jan. 2020 for the brutal killing of 64-year-old Kenneth Savinski, whom she [sic] met on a dating app, Scott was booked as a male.

Good thing the media uses female pronouns for male criminals who game the demented system by pretending to be women. Otherwise, their sensitive feelings might be hurt.

Prosecutors said that Scott strangled Savinski, stabbed him in the face and slit his throat inside the older man’s apartment on East 83rd Street on Jan. 29, 2020. …

Scott had been hiding out in New York City for several months, after allegedly removing her [sic] GPS ankle monitor in Oklahoma, where she [sic] was charged with sexually assaulting a co-worker’s 6-year-old son.

In addition to making prison life easier for guys like Scott, transsexual lunacy might have the beneficial effect of preventing women from choosing a life of crime. What girl would risk being his cellmate?

On a tip from Franco.


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