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Aug 24 2020

All Lives Matter: Probable Hate Hoax in Charlotte

The Overton window has been pushed so far to the left, and hate crimes against allegedly oppressed identity groups are so rare, that graffiti reading “All Life Matters” as opposed to “Black Lives Matter” is probably a hate hoax.

From Charlotte, North Carolina:

Police are investigating after someone spray painted “ALM” and “All Life Matters” on the NASCAR Hall of Fame. …

The graffiti was spotted in at least 10 areas near the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

The suspected culprit is Demarkis Dunlap, age 19.

The incident comes the morning after people gathered through Uptown to protest against this week’s Republican National Convention.

Just a wild guess: Dunlap was not motivated by an urgent compulsion to persuade the world that all lives matter. More likely, the idea was to make people think “white supremacists” did it.

On a tip from WDS.


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